Fans Are Speculating About Which ‘Counting On’ Star Will Announce Their Pregnancy Next

The Duggar family is best known for its super fertility. In fact, Counting On revolves around the Duggar siblings and their fledgling families. In 2019, six separate family members announced a pregnancy. 2020 has been decidedly quieter, though. Family followers are not convinced that 2020 will only bring two new babies to the family. So, who do critics suspect is expecting?

Could Jill be expecting after a long break in pregnancies?

Several weeks back, Jill Duggar took to her Instagram to post a picture of her two young sons, and, in the process, sparked pregnancy rumors. Jill and Derick Dillard’s youngest son, Samuel Dillard, was wearing a tee-shirt with the words “Big Brother” emblazoned across the front.

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Jill took to the comment to dispel the rumors. She told followers that Sam had picked out his clothes that day, and the shirt had belonged to the couple’s older son, Israel. Israel was born in 2015, while Sam was born in 2017. The couple has not announced a pregnancy since, leading some fans to assume the Dillards are purposefully limiting the size of their family.

Fans have speculated that Jessa Duggar might be expecting her fourth child

Jill isn’t the only Duggar sibling to spark pregnancy rumors. Fans recently began speculating that Jessa Seewald was expecting her fourth child. A recent Instagram picture featured Jessa in a flowy dress. Family followers suggested that, perhaps, Jessa had the beginnings of a baby bump.

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Jessa responded to fans in the comments to let them know that, no, she was not expecting again. Instead, she insisted the “baby bump” was just a little bulge from too many tacos. Jessa and her husband, Ben Seewald, welcomed their third child, Ivy Jane, in May 2019. Their first child, Spurgeon Elliot, was born in 2015, followed by Henry Wilberforce in 2017. If Jessa continues with her current pattern, fans should expect another pregnancy announcement in early 2021.

Kendra’s lack of involvement in family events has sparked speculation  

Kendra Caldwell and her husband, Joseph Duggar, appear to be the most fertile of the Duggar couples. The pair married in September 2017 and quickly started having children. They welcomed their first child, Garrett Duggar, exactly nine months after their wedding date. They announced their second pregnancy at Garrett’s first birthday party and welcomed their first daughter, Addison Duggar, in November 2019.

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Kendra sparked pregnancy rumors when her absence at several family events was noticed by family followers. Kendra didn’t appear in photos from Joy-Anna Duggar’s baby shower, and she hasn’t added a photo of herself to Instagram in months. While it’s possible that Kendra is pregnant already, it would be an incredibly quick turnaround between pregnancies. The Duggars have neither confirmed nor denied the rumors.