Fans Are Upset With Farrah Abraham for Doing a Tiktok With Her Daughter Singing About Drugs and Guns

Farrah Abraham hasn’t been on good terms with a lot of Teen Mom fans since she was cut from the show. Some fans of the franchise have called the reality star out for being too risque and exposing her daughter Sophia to too much adult content. But instead of stopping and trying to be more conservative, Abraham has basically doubled down on her tactics and recently posted another interesting TikTok of her and Sophia.

Sophia Abraham and Farrah Abraham
Sophia Abraham and Farrah Abraham | Tasia Wells/Getty Images for EcoLuxe Lounge

What have fans been mad about in the past?

This isn’t the first time that Abraham has ruffled a few feathers, or even the second. In fact, she has sort of made a career out of it. In one of her recent videos, Abraham decided to play a popular TikTok prank on Sophia but she included a vibrator in the video.

Fans were quick to call her out.

“Was that a vibrator you basically stuck in your kid’s face?” one person wrote. “Lmao classy.”

“I was almost ok with this until the vibrator in your kid’s face, I don’t care if it was in a box!” another user said. “That’s just weird and wrong.”

Abraham defended the video, saying that it was all in fun.

“That was an online trend… about doing quirky things and hitting people in the face with [stuff],” she told Us Weekly. “I don’t really feel like I can be shamed when I protect my child. I educate my daughter. We have so much fun on TikTok. … I think I’m doing pretty great.”

She’s also received heat for filming sexy videos with her daughter in the background.

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“This is actually really disturbing,” one person commented on a video of Abraham striking sexy poses by the pool.

“Your poor daughter having to see her mother flaunt around like that – crap role model Farrah,” another person said.

Farrah’s newest TikTok

Abraham has been having a lot of fun doing TikTok trends. For one of the latest trends, couples have been singing along to “Famous” by Iamsu and wearing each other’s clothing. Instead of doing the video with a significant other, Abraham included Sophia in the video.

The lyrics that Sophia sang along to were It don’t even make sense. Put the Rollie on my wrist, so they know what time it is,” and then Abraham took over and sang “He just wanna f*ck with me cause I’m the one. He got all the drugs and I got all the guns.”

People were quick to call Abraham out for how inappropriate the song was for Sophia.

“Wow nice song to do with your kid,” one person commented on TikTok.

“Isn’t there anything more…Sophia appropriate and she could be the center of attention,” another person wrote.

“Poor Sophia,” another user said. “This girl is going to be so messed up when she’s older.”

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The video eventually made its way over to Reddit and the users there also had opinions.

“This is absolutely disgusting but I have come to expect nothing but grotesque parenting from a grotesque human being,” one person wrote. “Also she looks horrific and has zero rhythm or sex appeal. I hope she is saving enough money for Sophia’s therapist when she is older.”

Another person thought that Abraham might be doing all of these videos for a reason.

“Farrah only gets recognized when she’s doing controversial videos with Sophia and she knows that and that’s the only reason why she does them, FOR ATTENTION!” the person said.

Abraham hasn’t commented on why she made the video.