Fans Are Worried for the Health of Jill Duggar’s Children After This Instagram Post

The Duggars have been a controversial family for years. From their sheer size to their scandals and their strict religious upbringing, many of their fans love to keep tabs on their every move to see what they could possibly be up to next. And thanks to shows like TLC’s Counting On, many of the older Duggar kids are shining brightly in the spotlight with their own families.

Jill Duggar has a hefty following of her own, though fans love to hate on her husband, Derick Dillard. And while they’re no longer involved with Counting On, their followers still love to comment on what the two post on Instagram and Twitter. More recently, Jill is getting a ton of flack for something she posted to Instagram regarding a shopping trip for her son. Here’s why fans showed their concern.

Jill posted on Instagram that a ‘reward’ for her son was a new toothbrush and toothpaste

We may not get regular updates on Jill and Derick’s lives via TLC programming (let us not forget that the network cut ties with the Dillards after Derick’s slew of hateful tweets). Even so, they’ve kept a serious following on social media — and Jill herself is particularly active with Instagram and her family blog. She regularly posts photos of her two sons which certainly get a lot of attention. And a recent photo of hers sparked serious conversation about her parenting.

The photo she posted shows her shopping with her sons Israel, 3, and Samuel, 1. The post is for a paid partnership with the clothing company Citrus & Lemon, but it’s Jill’s caption that really sparked debate. “Shopping with the boys for Israel’s new toothbrush and toothpaste reward he earned after he finished a school book,” she wrote.

Fans appeared outraged that she would consider a toothbrush a ‘reward’

There are plenty of “rewards” for children that are appropriate — but fans seemed to think Jill’s toothbrush and toothpaste prize was totally out of line. As one of her followers commented, “I bite my tongue a lot about the ridiculous things you post, but this is too much. A reward is a special treat, stickers, a small toy, a special outing. Children should not be ‘earning’ toothbrushes and toothpaste.” Many others agreed with this sentiment, too. “Wait, what?! He had to EARN his basic daily hygiene products?!?”

It wasn’t just the reward aspect that had fans concerned, either. Many of her followers commented on the state of her children’s teeth. “Your baby’s tooth looks a little dark girl. Maybe an infection? Id get it checked out,” another one of her followers commented on the same post. And another added a shocked emoji face with the comment, “Maybe too late for the toothbrush!”

This isn’t the first time fans have slammed her and Derick for their parenting

These comments on Jill’s Instagram may seem harsh, but she’s certainly used to it by now. We recall when Derick was hit with serious backlash when he cheekily captioned a post on his Instagram that he was “training” his child to help with chores around the house. The couple also was scolded by their fans when they took Israel to El Salvador when they were performing missionary work. And more of their parenting tactics have been called into question since then, like this list of prayers Jill says for her kids that appear to be transphobic.

No matter what happens with Jill and Derick’s family, there’s no doubt they’ll continue sharing their parenting tactics with the public as long as there’s any amount of positive feedback. As much hate as they receive, there are still plenty of their followers who appreciate all that the ultra-conservative family has to offer.

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