Fans Argue Over the “Cheesiest” ‘This Is Us’ Endings Imaginable

This Is Us is one of NBC’s current pride and joys, boasting both an impressive ensemble and strong creatives penning the series, the show has managed to develop quite the devoted fanbase over the last three seasons. From Milo Ventimiglia and Mandy Moore to Justin Hartley, Chrissy Metz, and Sterling K. Brown, each and every actor on this show carries a captivating narrative arc and complex characterization.

This Is Us Cast
Ron Cephas Jones, Susan Kelechi Watson, Sterling K. Brown, Chrissy Metz, Mandy Moore, Milo Ventimiglia, Justin Hartley, Chris Sullivan from ‘This Is Us’ | Photo by Maarten de Boer/NBC via Getty Images

While the show is written in a dramatic and unpredictable nature – flipping between different points in time to keep viewers guessing – few will deny that the writers purposefully tug at viewers’ heartstrings. From the overt sentimentality to the plotlines destined to throw a fork into an established bond, viewers often find themselves crying at the end of an episode.

The show’s tendency to veer into sorrow and moments of bittersweet tenderness has led many viewers to speculate all the possible cheesy, yet glorious endings that may mark the successful show’s ultimate conclusion.

While many possibilities seem designed to inspire a laugh and poke fun at the show, based on the series’ overarching characteristics, a cheesy finale doesn’t seem all that unrealistic.

So, let’s dive into all the different fan theories surrounding possible melodramatic conclusions. You can decide which one you think would be the most satisfying (on the cheesy scale).

What if, somehow, Jack never died in ‘This Is Us?’

While this ending, in and of itself, may just seem unrealistic, as opposed to cheesy, the manner in which fans imagine him alive is when the cheese factor comes into play. Because, of course, if there’s an alternate reality – a true world in which Jack is alive and kicking – the explanation will have to be grand (in a trite and overly melodramatic way).

One fan argues that the final episode will cut back to that fateful Super Bowl Sunday, and show Rebecca, awake the following night, unable to sleep. The scene plays out as follows: she decides to go into the kitchen for a snack, puts out the small fire that has not yet begun to spread, and proceeds to converse with Jack (who has now awakened from his slumber). The viewer than imagines a conversation in which Jack thanks Rebecca’s insomnia and explains (to calm Rebecca’s concerns) that, even if the fire continued, he thinks they all would have been alright.

Other versions of Jack exiting have surfaced in forums and focus on the show somehow ending with the words “this Is us,” which have inspired some of the most cheesy possible outcomes. If the show ends with the words “this is us,” fans will likely be simultaneously utterly gratified and a little disappointed, but moreso the former.

How about ending the show with a character saying “this is us?”

Building on the cheesy ending mentioned above, one fan chimed in to explain why Jack should explain to Rebecca that they won’t ever lose what they have, by stating “We won’t ever lose this,” to which Rebecca replies, “What’s this?” and Jack answers “this is us.”

Another “this is us” dialogic ending focuses on Randall and Beth’s children, as they sit in their room, imaging the crazy family they belong to, and question if they will grow to become their Big Three predecessors. Tess, Annie, and Deja sit together as Tess asks, “Do we have to be them” and Annie replies, “I don’t think so. We can be different. That was them. This is us.”

From the literal “this is us” conclusions to Rebecca tossing the Crock-Pot away or Kate going to college for singing, many of the cheesy endings seem to focus on undoing a wrong that sits at the core of the show’s dramatic nature. So, if you can undo any aspect of This Is Us, what would it be, and how would you cheesily reverse the turn of events?