Fans Ask Big Hit Entertainment to Put Translations on Paid BTS Content

BTS is one of the biggest music acts in the world. Their impact and content reaches audiences outside of South Korea and they are known for their diverse and global fan base. Recently, fans have requested that Big Hit Entertainment provide translations on paid BTS content to help BTS’s growing international fan base.

BTS Big Hit Entertainment
BTS | Kevin Winter/Getty Images for dcp

The new ARMY membership kits were not translated for international fans

Big Hit Entertainment releases various types of BTS content, ranging from free content like Bangtan Bombs on YouTube to paid content like DVDs, fan club memberships, and BTS: Bon Voyage. When the new fan club membership kits shipped out, international fans realized that the content inside was not translated despite it being marketed as a global fan club.

“One last thing: if @weverseofficial@weplyofficial tweet in a language to buy something, like BV4 or ARMY kits, then the content should be translated in that language. Paid content should absolutely come with translations. Free content (while a hassle) does not. @BigHitEnt,” a fan tweeted.

“They straight up be out here advertising under false pretenses with words like ‘Global’ and using translated selling points and then offer no translation on the actual product? Nah I’m furious,” a Twitter user wrote.

A DVD of BTS’s concert in Brazil will not have Portuguese subtitles

Big Hit Entertainment then announced a DVD of BTS’s Love Yourself: Speak Yourself concerts in São Paulo, Brazil will be released. Despite being filmed in Brazil, fans discovered the DVD will not have Portuguese subtitles. Instead, the DVD will have Korean, English, and Chinese subtitles. The DVD is also only released with region codes 1 and 3, meaning it cannot be played on most DVD players in Brazil.

“First the Army Kit without subs and now Sao Paulo DVD without Portuguese subs.. @BigHitEnt@bts_bighit we request you to add subtitles/translation in multiple languages where necessary for the paid content atleast. PLEASE look into the matter. #BighitAddSubs#ArmysWantSubs,” a fan tweeted.

ARMY is not asking for BTS to sing or release content in other languages

Since BTS has gained traction with international fans, ARMY has been adamant that BTS not change who they are. BTS has repeatedly said they do not plan to release an album in English, and fans support that. Instead, fans have taken to learning Korean. Over the years, there has been a worldwide increase in people learning Korean whether it’s through online apps or college courses.

“I’m a big supporter of enjoying Bangtan as the Korean artists they are, in their language, without making them anything they are not. However, this is different. It is paid content. Please #BigHitAddSubs for I-ARMY’s. It’s about time @BigHitEnt@bts_bighit,” a fan tweeted.

“You know how we embrace the Korean language and you know how many ARMYs are studying it because of BTS, so this is not against it, this is about you acknowledging overseas ARMYs and them being equally able to enjoy BTS content like every other fan in the world #BighitAddSubs,” one fan wrote on Twitter.

BTS fans trended #BigHitAddSubs on Twitter to ask Big Hit Entertainment for translations

In the BTS fandom, there are many fans who act as translators with BTS content. These fans take time to translate content and provide subtitles for international fans. While this helped create unity with fans from around the world, some feel the fandom has grown too large for Big Hit Entertainment to no longer provide translations for paid content. On Twitter, ARMY trended #BigHitAddSubs to ask the company to provide subtitles on paid content.

“Dear @BigHitEnt, For many years, the lack of subtitles created a culture of shared understanding in the fandom via ARMY translators; however now, as ARMY grows, it is hindering & limiting that same sense of connection. #BighitAddSubs#BigHitAddTranslations#ArmysWantSubs,” one fan tweeted.

“To those saying ‘learn Korean’, it’s not about not wanting to. Learning a different language takes time. It’s about PAID content marketed GLOBALLY. Example, the BRAZIL dvd is not subbed in Portuguese & the region code won’t even allow them to play the dvd in BRAZIL #BighitAddSubs,” a Twitter user wrote.

“It’s time Big Hit listens to us and stops depending on our hardworking ARMY translators. It’s quite ridiculous we’ve been emailing them since the big year of 2017 about this and we still have no subs on official content…. Please continue using this # ARMYs! #BighitAddSubs,” one fan tweeted.