Fans Call Out Kylie Jenner’s Risqué Instagram Photo: ‘Stop Acting Like You Woke Up Like This’

Kylie Jenner is the queen of social media. She just recently beat out her sister for the title of most-followed Kardashian-Jenner sibling, and with 155 million followers, she has one of Instagram’s largest fan bases. Despite her millions of fans, Jenner is still subject to the same criticisms as other celebrities. And her recent risqué post saw some backlash.

Kylie Jenner
Kylie Jenner | Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

Jenner loves to post to social media

For a while, Jenner was the queen of Snapchat. And when she infamously tweeted that she didn’t like the app anymore, its stock price actually dropped. But now, Instagram has become her favorite social media app, and she posts new photos or stories pretty much every day. Jenner loves to show off her looks (and wealth) on the app. She often posts photos in expensive outfits, in front of luxury cars, or on private planes.

Jenner also posts photos of the luxurious vacations she takes, as well as pictures and videos of her daughter, Stormi. Though she doesn’t appear much on the family’s reality show, Keeping Up With the Kardashians, she does let fans into her life through Instagram.

She has denied having any plastic surgery

Now that Jenner posts so many photos, she’s being accused of the same thing as many of her sisters: Too much plastic surgery. Jenner started having her lips filled at 17, and it doesn’t take a genius to see that she looks very different from the way she did as a teenager. There have even been memes created about Jenner’s plastic appearance. But she has vehemently denied ever going under the knife. Rather, she says the difference in her appearance is due to facial filler. Filler is injected into the face and helps smooth lines, plump cheeks, and more.  

Fans called out Jenner’s recent ‘thirst trap’ post

On December 29, Jenner posted a slideshow of two photos of herself wearing lingerie. “Just didn’t feel right going into 2020 without one last thirst trap,” she wrote. Though the photo received plenty of compliments, many people were taken aback by the images. Jenner was called out for seeking attention as well as making it seem like her appearance in the images was natural.

“Imagine being a billionaire and still posting thirst traps,” one user wrote. “A billionaire and still needs the attention of all. SAD,” another person commented. “Kylie you were made in a lab! Stop acting like you woke up like this,” someone else said.

Some claim she doesn’t spend enough time being a mom

Though Jenner loves posting photos and videos of Stormi, some followers still think she doesn’t dedicate the time that she should to caring for her daughter. And fans felt that Jenner risqué post was the perfect time to call her out on it. “Go feed your daughter,” one user commented. “U got a child, gurl,” another person said.

Jenner has received hate in the past over the photos she posts with her daughter, suggesting she values photo shoots with Stormi more than she enjoys living in the moment. Regardless of what people think, though, Jenner continues to do her thing — and make billions of dollars while she’s at it.