Fans Can’t Get Enough of Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez Working Out

To be more precise, fans can’t get enough of Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez, period! The couple is definitely one of Hollywood’s newest A-list, “It” couples. That means they are in the limelight day and night. While fans can’t get enough of anything A-Rod and JLo, there is one specific genre that seems to captivate the masses the most — exercise.

Perhaps it’s because it’s workout season, or maybe there’s just something alluring about watching this power couple get their gains together. No matter what the reason, one thing remains clear: fans of this couple are head over hills for all of their fitness-related content.

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez
Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez | Rob Kim/GC Images

A-Rod’s most popular YouTube videos are fitness-based

A quick look through Rodriguez’s YouTube account will unearth quite a few gems. He has a family section where you can catch home-related goodness; there’s “Coffee with AROD” and a baseball section where he talks (you guessed it), baseball.

Then, there are “A Day in The Life” videos which gives viewers an inside look at this former baseball star on his daily duties. But, by far some of his most popular vids are the ones featuring both him and his lady love doing their thing in the gym.

The latest upload was on August 5th and covers his “Party Tour Workout” with Lopez. At the time this article was written the video already amassed over 500,000 views,7.4K likes, and 445 comments. That’s a lot of engagement in just a week.

Alex Rodriguez stays in great shape despite retiring

Rodriguez may have retired, but that hasn’t stopped him from staying in shape. At the start of the video, A-Rod shares a few his thoughts on working out before performing. The video then takes off showing a montage of both fitness gurus slaving away at the gym. It’s mostly weight training before they segway into a tour of the facility — Cowboy Fit in Texas.

The best thing about this update is that it’s clear both A-Rod and JLo or working equally as hard! At the end of the workout, ARod chills out in the cryotherapy chamber for some good old freeze recovery.

While in the chamber, Rodriguez reflects on the first time he ever tried cryotherapy. His goal — beat Kobe Bryant’s 4.5/5 minutes. He tapped out at about 3.5 minutes.

Despite missing the mark, the baseball star jokes that if he had a cryotherapy chamber at his disposal during his time up at bat, he would have played longer. Not just that, he would have gotten those four more home runs he needed to land him at an astonishing 800 total.

JLo and A-Rod are both very into fitness

Being a former shortstop for three teams (New York Yankees, Seattle Mariners, and Texas Rangers) over 22 seasons comes with quite a few bonuses. For one, the pay the astronomical. For two, being a pro athlete means training hard and essentially getting into the best shape of your life.

Spending that long on the mound, no doubt had a lasting effect on A-Rod. Fitness is basically ingrained into his being, but he’s not the only one.

One of the reasons JLo and A-Rod’s relationship works so well is that they are both really into fitness. Lopez has long been an inspiration to women around the world thanks to her banging bod. While genes may have had something to do with it, the Jenny From the Block singer has always worked hard to maintain her figure — like really hard.

But the couple’s good habits don’t start and end with the gym. They also do their best to incorporate excellent diet choices into their daily routine, well at least JLo does.

Earlier this year A-Rod hopped on one of her very restrictive diets, and while the bodacious blonde was able to keep it up after ten days, A-Rod called it quits with a smile on his face.