Fans Can’t Get Over This 1 Ingredient Hailey Bieber Uses in Her Cookies

Hailey Bieber has been laying low with her husband, Justin Bieber amid quarantine. The pair began their self-isolation in Canada where they stayed close to the singer’s family and focused on themselves and their relationship.

Now, as Los Angeles begins to slowly open back up, the Biebers have returned to the states. However, they are still quarantining and in isolation due to the pop star’s compromised immune system. The pair have launched their new Facebook Watch original series, The Biebers On Watch, which allows their fans to get up close and personal with them during a time when we are apart.

Recently, the supermodel made gluten-free cookies for her husband, but fans can’t get over the one ingredient she added at the last minute.

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Inside ‘The Biebers On Watch’

Justin and Hailey launched The Biebers On Watch on Facebook in early May 2020. According to the series description, the show gives fans an intimate glimpse into their lives as a young married couple.

“Justin & Hailey Bieber open up their home and marriage to offer an exclusive look at their life through a series of intimate conversations and activities with famous friends and family,” the show’s description reads. New episodes air Monday, Wednesday, and Friday on Facebook Watch.

So far, the series has showcased the pair on a day out on the lake, a game of Jenga, Hailey’s skincare routine as well as her cookie, and pasta recipes.

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Justin Bieber and Hailey Bieber are creating some of their favorite memories in quarantine

Though Justin was supposed to be preparing to head out on tour in support of his most recent album, Changes, the Biebers have been able to shift gears and focus on themselves always from their hectic schedules and the constant spotlight.

“We’re creating my favorite memories ever,” Hailey said on a recent episode of The Biebers On Watch. Justin added, “I know it’s been a really crazy time being in quarantine and the world is kinda upside down, but I’ve really enjoyed spending my time with you. I wouldn’t want to be stuck with anybody else. See what I did there?” 

The pop-star was referring to his recent single, “Stuck with U” with Ariana Grande.

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Fans can’t get over Hailey Bieber’s gluten-free triple chocolate chunk cookie recipe

Many of us have enjoyed spending more time in the kitchen amid quarantine, including the Biebers. On The Biebers On Watch, the couple shared their favorite desserts — apple pie and ice cream for the singer.

During one episode Hailey made a basic gluten-free triple chocolate chunk cookie recipe. However, it’s what she did just before putting them in the oven that startled fans. She slapped heaps of butter on top of the raw dough.

“One thing that I like to do with cookies — don’t critique me, you people who are bakers — is I like to put butter on top so that the butter bakes into it,” she explained in the video. She then sprinkled them with sea salt before baking them. Once they were done, the model gave her review. “Delicious,” she declared, “Chewy in the middle, crunchy on the edges — just how I like it.”

Fans are living for Haily’s hack. “@haileybieber I tried your trick of putting butter on chocolate chip cookies before you bake them and it was delightful! I loved it. Will be baking them like this from now on,” one fan said. Another added, “Okay I made cookies with butter and sea salt on top like @haileybieber recommended and they taste so good?? God bless this show for giving me something relaxing.”

Yet a third fan was alarmed by the excessive use of butter. “[Hailey said] ‘I just want it to absorb the butter. [BUT] THERE’S BUTTER! IN! THE BATTER!!!” they said.