Fans Are Commending Jordyn Woods for Speaking out About This

Jordyn Woods is no stranger to attention these days. The past six months have been a complete whirlwind for her mental health. Not a day goes by where her name doesn’t show up in the media and months after her very public fallout with a famous family, she is still receiving copious amounts of unwarranted hate. But despite the drama, Woods has taken the high-road and continued to make strides in her career. Now, the 21-year-old model is being commended for speaking out about this important issue.

Jordyn Woods on mental health
Jordyn Woods | Photo by Paul Archuleta/FilmMagic

Woods has been booked and busy in the last few months. Not only has her social media following increased substantially (she boasts 10.5 million followers on Instagram alone) but she is also being featured in prominent magazines. She is the September cover girl for Cosmopolitan UK, and most recently, she did an interview with Teen Vogue. Throughout her interview with Teen Vogue, the model covered a whole host of topics. She spoke about the grief she experienced when she lost her father, how she uses journaling as a coping mechanism, and her relationship with her former BFF.

Woods’ Teen Vogue interview

Woods also was sure to speak about mental health in her interview. She stressed the importance of prioritizing it, especially in the Black community where it has historically been seen as taboo. Woods was also open about her own personal struggle with mental health. The interview is one of her most personal ones to date, and fans are absolutely loving her for sharing. Recently, Woods took to her Instagram page to open up about the outpouring of love and support she’s received for talking about mental health.

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Mental health

“I’ve had an overwhelmingly positive response on my @teenvogue article on which I opened up about mental health. I think this is an honest conversation we should have more amongst all groups, especially in our community. Based on studies, half of adults will experience difficulties with mental health. It’s ok to not be ok and it’s ok to talk about it,” Woods wrote to her followers.

“I wish it was mandatory in schools to take emotional intelligence courses and in that case we may be able to see the signs of a person struggling, mass shooters, harmful people, etc. SOONER. It will also help us figure out how to navigate your thoughts and your mind through this crazy time we live in. No matter what status, or how big or how small, we all are dealing with something. Everything starts within and your mind holds the most power. Let’s talk about it!,” Woods continued, urging her fans to continue the discourse about the important issue.

Fans show their support

Fans were quick to show their appreciation for Woods using her platform to draw attention to important topics. “Jordyn Woods, I love how your posts have evolved and matured and now include relevant issues that actually have an effect on people’s lives and not just vanity posts. People of influence such as yourself should strive to use their platform to actually make a meaningful difference in other people’s lives. No more mindless vanity posts day in and day out. You can be beautiful, still promote stuff to make a living but a healthy intermix of relevant, helpful posts makes you more endearing. Kudos, my dear!,” one fan wrote.

An important issue

We love that Woods has taken her newfound attention and run with it. There is never a bad time to talk about the importance of strong mental health. Hopefully, other famous figures will follow suit and began to shed light on this issue as well.