Here’s Why Fans Are Confused About Jinger Duggar’s Move to California

Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo recently surprised fans with the announcement that they were moving to Los Angeles. The couple posted some information on their blog, and everyone was extremely thrilled to see the two branching out on their own — and heading to a city that’s so different from where they were raised. But now, fans are a bit confused about the move, since Jinger keeps posting photos from Laredo, Texas, where they currently live. Are they still moving?

Jinger Jeremy Felicity Vuolo
Jinger Duggar with her husband, Jeremy Vuolo and daughter, Felicity Vuolo. | Jinger Vuolo via Instagram

Duggar and Vuolo recently announced they’re starting a new chapter in Los Angeles

A few months ago, Duggar and Vuolo took a family trip to California and allowed their followers to live vicariously through all of their Instagram photos from the trip. Fans loved how much fun the two seemed to be having, and several people suggested Los Angeles might make a perfect home for the couple and their young daughter, Felicity. Not long after the family returned home, they made a huge announcement on their blog — they would, indeed, be moving to Los Angeles.

People were thrilled to see the couple taking their lives into their own hands

When Duggar and Vuolo made their announcement, everyone was extremely happy for them. Duggar has been dubbed the most rebellious of the family, since she broke away from some family traditions once she got married. While she’s still extremely religious, she wears pants and tank tops now, and reportedly even stood up for transgender rights. People were excited to hear that the Vuolos would be moving to a city as liberal and accepting as Los Angeles, because it might make them see that all kinds of people deserve to be loved and respected.

Fans keep asking Duggar if she’s still moving to California, since she keeps posting photos from Laredo

Although Duggar and Vuolo made their major announcement, fans have been a bit confused about their timeline. Duggar recently posted a photo of Felicity sitting on a friend’s couch in Laredo, and her followers were confused. “Are you guys still moving,” one user wrote. “Are y’all still moving to Cali?” Another questioned. The comments section saw several confused fans wondering what the couple’s big announcement meant, since they still haven’t moved.

To clear things up, Duggar and Vuolo won’t be moving to California until July. Vuolo will be starting graduate classes out in Los Angeles in the fall, which is why the couple is waiting until the summer to move. The move is still in place, but they have a few months left in Laredo before they start a new life in California.

People clearly favor Duggar and Vuolo over the other Duggar family couples

When it comes to the Duggars, Jinger Duggar flew under the radar up until she married Vuolo. When the two started their own life together, fans realized how funny and friendly Duggar seemed, and they loved that she didn’t always play by the rules. According to a poll conducted by InTouch, Duggar is the overwhelming favorite of fans among any of her siblings. She received 33% of the vote; Jana Duggar came in second with 21%. All of the other Duggars received less than 10%. Fans will continue to follow Duggar as she makes her move out to California and eventually grows her family even more (we’re still waiting on a baby no. 2 announcement).

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