Fans Desparately Want This Duggar Family Member to Be the Star of ‘The Bachelorette’

Fans of reality TV love when two shows collide — and this time, it appears fans would adore if the Duggar family from Counting On would join forces with ABC’s The Bachelorette. We know the Duggars best for their huge family and fundamentalist views, and we’ve been keeping up with them for years thanks to Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar first thrusting themselves into the spotlight. Now, even the youngest of their kids are growing up fast, and the older children are getting married and beginning families of their own.

So, which member of the Duggar family do fans want to see compete for love on reality TV? The answer is Jana Duggar, and here’s why.

Jana Duggar is 29 years old and still remains single

When it comes to the Duggar family’s most eligible bachelorette, it’s certainly Jana Duggar. While many of Jana’s younger siblings have entered successful courtships and married, the 29-year-old still remains single and lives under Jim Bob and Michelle’s roof. It seems Jana isn’t opposed to dating, but rather she’s waiting for Mr. Right to come along and won’t settle for anything less. Fans have applauded her decision to keep her standards high and wait for the right partner, but they still would love for her to find the perfect man and begin life on her own.

There’s been plenty of speculation that Jana has secretly entered a courtship, but so far, it seems it’s all been rumors. People reports fans started freaking out in the beginning of 2019 when Jana joined Instagram, as they took this as a sign she was courting. Fans also thought Jana was having romantic relations with Lawson Bates, though younger sister Jessa set the record straight. “She’s not in a relationship,” Jessa commented on Instagram. “But if anyone is interested, please send all applications to me. I will check them out thoroughly,” she added.

Fans would love for her to be the star of The Bachelorette

Jana’s single status has made many fans eager for her to find love — and some have even noted that they loved the idea of her becoming the next star of The Bachelorette. In Touch Weekly notes the idea was first introduced back in 2018 when TLC revealed a new trailer for Counting On. As one fan commented, “Maybe Jana should be the next Bachelorette!!” and others quickly followed. “I’ve never watched that show, but I’d totally watch it for Jan,” another added.

Fans of The Bachelorette know, of course, that the star of the show is typically on a season of The Bachelor as a contestant prior to being chosen. Does this mean fans would love to see the famous Duggar daughter compete for a man’s love on The Bachelor first? Maybe so — but something tells us Jana and her ultra-strict parents wouldn’t be up for that.

Would she ever do it? Probably not

The strict courtship rules that the Duggars follow are certainly not in line with what goes on during The Bachelorette. For that reason, there’s not much of a chance we’ll ever see Jana star on the ABC show. As a reminder, all Duggar courtships are to be approved by Jim Bob before they occur — and there’s absolutely no frontal hugging, holding hands, or kissing before marriage. All dates are chaperoned by either Jim Bob, Michelle, or another Duggar family member, too. If Jana was the star of her own dating show, it’s highly unlikely Jim Bob would ever approve (especially if fantasy suites are involved).

In Touch Weekly notes Duggar fans have also brought up these issues. As one fan commented, “I don’t think a season of side hugs would bring in the ratings.” And while Duggar followers may be eager for Jana to begin dating, she seems totally content staying at home, taking care of her younger siblings, and continuing working with the church. Sorry, Bachelorette fans — you’ll just have to be content with Hannah B. as the future star.

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