Fans Discuss Why Surgery Will Not Solve Rob Kardashian’s ‘Weight Issues’

When Keeping Up With the Kardashians first launched Rob Kardashian frequently appeared on the show. The early seasons of the show portray a young Rob as he finished up his college career. The audience and viewers were able to see Rob find love with one of the stars from The Cheetah Girls. Unfortunately, the relationship did not pan out the way Rob had hoped. The demise of his relationship led Rob down a difficult path. Lately, fans and viewers have been wondering about the specifics when it comes to Rob’s weight. Take a look at what the fans are saying and why his weight may be more complicated than it seems. 

Rob Kardashian wearing sunglasses and a gray blazer holding up two pairs of socks
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When did Rob Kardashian’s weight change? 

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Gaining and losing weight are natural parts of life, but the context of every situation is different. As reported by Life and Style, in season 9 the audience began to observe a noticeable change in Rob’s weight. After another failed relationship with Blac Chyna, Rob began to spiral and openly admitted to eating his feelings. It was clear that Rob Kardashian’s eating habits became a coping mechanism for him during these tough times. 

Rob Kardashian and his mental health management

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Over the years Rob Kardashian has opened up with the public and his fans about his experience with mental health struggles. Despite his best attempts, the reality TV star would often find himself depressed. More recently, the celebrity has been very open about his battles with depression. When Rob had to miss a family vacation due to mental health struggles, he tweeted “no one will ever understand how much it hurts.” Fans and viewers are sympathetic toward Rob’s struggle, and they totally understand how this could be the root of some of his weight gain. 

Why do Keeping Up With the Kardashians fans believe surgery will not help Robert Kardashian lose weight? 

This Reddit thread began a very interesting conversation about Rob Kardashian’s weight amongst viewers and fans. On one hand, some fans were wondering why the famous reality television star never used his wealthy status to pursue surgery that would allow him to better manage his weight. One user in the thread wrote, “don’t mean this in the slightest to be offensive but I am watching Season 9 right now and Rob’s weight has gotten to an all-time high and pushed him into diabetes. He is severely depressed because he is ashamed of his body. If this were you and you had an insanely rich family don’t you think surgery assisted weight loss would be the easy solution? If that was me I’d go straight to liposuction.” Rob Kardashian has announced he is no longer diabetic, as reported by CNN. However, many fans and viewers were quick to step-up and shed light on why those options aren’t that feasible. 

Since Rob has been battling depression, getting the surgery done might actually be a waste of money. One fan said it perfectly, “it’s more than just about the physical appearance with Rob, it’s a mental thing too. Yeah a weight loss surgery would be beneficial but unless he deals with the mental health of the issues then he might end up in the same place.” Fans and viewers believe the key to Rob successfully losing weight lies within his relationship with his mental health and himself. Though it is a sensitive topic, to say the least, fans and viewers hope nothing but the best for Rob Kardashian as he continues to move forward.