The Real Reason Fans Don’t Think Jinger Duggar Will Homeschool Her Daughter

Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo have been together for about three years, and they have an adorable little girl named Felicity. The couple is constantly breaking traditional Duggar barriers — most recently, they announced they’re leaving the south to try out life in Los Angeles. And some fans think there’s a good chance Jinger and Jeremy won’t homeschool their daughter — here’s why.  

Jinger Duggar with her husband, Jeremy Vuolo and daughter, Felicity Vuolo. | Jinger Vuolo via Instagram

Jinger has always been the ‘rebellious’ sister

Jinger has earned herself a reputation for being one of the most rebellious Duggars. While she does have a deep-seeded love for the Lord and is married to a pastor, she was the first of the Duggar daughters to stray away from her family’s strict rules. Jinger began wearing pants after she married Jeremy and moved out — something that was never allowed under her parents’ roof. She also recently posted a photo of herself wearing a tank top. Plus, she moved pretty far away from her family once she married, and now she’s headed all the way out to Los Angeles.

Jeremy Vuolo attended private Christian school

Unlike Jinger, Jeremy was not homeschooled his whole life. While he was homeschooled when he was younger, he attended a private school his junior and senior years of high school and went on to spend four years in college, the way most American kids do. He grew up very religious, but he also grew up in a more ordinary environment than Jinger did, and he may want the same for his kids. Although it seems that Jinger and Jeremy live in a very even household (it doesn’t appear either one of them is the ultimate decision maker), Jeremy may take a stand in wanting his kids to learn from certified teachers and make social connections that Jinger wasn’t able to make growing up.

Fans think Jinger and Jeremy will send their kids to private school because they’re the only couple that can afford it

The real reason fans think Jinger and Jeremy won’t homeschool their kids is because they’re one of the only Duggar couples who may actually be able to afford a private school education. Though it’s a stretch to think any of the Duggar kids would send their kids to public school, private Christian school would be a good alternative to home schooling — except that it costs a lot of money. Fans are convinced that Jeremy makes a good amount of money being a pastor, and some believe his parents come from wealth, since he attended private schools growing up. Other Duggar couples, such as Jill and Derick and Jessa and Ben, don’t seem to have the same income or family wealth that Jinger and Jeremy might have.

It’s unclear if Jinger and Jeremy have thought that far ahead

There is no definitive knowledge about whether Jinger and Jeremy will send Felicity to private school. She’s not even a year old, and their plates are full right now with their big move to California. Time will tell if the two decide to homeschool, but Jinger doesn’t seem like the type of mom who wants to stay at home all day with the kids, especially when she’s bound to meet a bunch of California moms who love to spend their time outdoors.

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