What Can Fans Expect from Season 2 of ‘Dead to Me’?

Netflix’s original series, Dead to Me, had a shocking ending which left viewers with more questions than answers. Since it’s been confirmed the show will return for a second season, the show’s creator, Liz Feldman, has addressed what fans can expect next from Jen Harding (Christina Applegate) and Judy Hale (Linda Cardellini).

For those who haven’t watched Season 1 of the series, stop reading this right now because major spoiler alerts are ahead.

What is ‘Dead to Me’ about?

First off, a refresher course for those who binge-watched Season 1 in early May 2019 when the series premiered on Netflix.

Jen is a real estate agent who found herself raising her two sons alone when her husband died in a hit-and-run. Filled with grief, she starts attending group counseling sessions where she meets Judy who also lost her fiancé.

Dead to Me Official Trailer | YouTube

Again, major spoilers are coming. If you haven’t watched all of Season 1, stop reading and start watching the show.

Back to the show.

The two women become fast friends, bonding over their shared feelings of loss. Soon, Judy learns that Jen isn’t who she says she is and later discovers she’s the driver who hit her husband with her car and left him for dead.

How did Season 1 of ‘Dead to Me’ end?

The final episode of Season 1 ended with Jen turning to Judy in her time of need after she shot and — from the looks of it — killed Steve Wood (James Marsden) in her backyard. Judy found Steve floating in Jen’s pool. End scene.

Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini
Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini arrive at Netflix’s Dead to Me Season 1 Premiere at The Broad Stage on May 02, 2019, in Santa Monica, California. | Amanda Edwards/WireImage

And that’s how Season 1 ended. Now, fans will wait to see what’s in store for Judy and Jen who are now bound together by a very big secret much like the secret Judy kept about accidentally striking and killing Jen’s husband with her car.  

What fans can expect from ‘Dead to Me’ Season 2

Liz Feldman, the creator of Dead to Me, recently discussed what fans could expect from Season 2 of Netflix’s newest hit show.

Liz Feldman, creator of 'Dead to Me'.
Liz Feldman attends Netflix’s Dead To Me Season 1 premiere at The Broad Stage on May 02, 2019, in Santa Monica, California. | Presley Ann/Getty Images

“Given how Season 1 ends, Jen and Judy need each other now more than ever,” Feldman told NewNowNext. “Instead of one of them keeping a secret from the other, they’re both keeping a secret from everyone else,” she added.

Feldman didn’t exactly paint a picture about Season 2 but it’s something.

When will Season 2 of ‘Dead to Me’ premiere?

No exact release date for Season 2 of Dead to Me has been announced. However, the show’s official Twitter posted a tweet on June 3, 2019, saying episodes would be “coming soon.”

Dead to Me | Twitter

A day later the show gave a little more detail about Season 2. They posted a photo of Jen and Judy by the pool with Steve’s body floating in the water on Twitter saying, “It’s going to take a lot more than a body in a pool to break up these two. #DeadToMe Season 2 coming in 2020.”

Dead to Me | Twitter

So, we know Jen and Judy will stick together in Season 2 which will premiere next year.