‘Counting On’: Why Some Are Frustrated With Jana Duggar’s Recent Instagram Photo

Jana Duggar has been well-liked by Counting On fans since the show started. She has yet to marry, which is the one thing most people remember about her, but it’s also the one thing that sets her apart from other women in her family. However, she still attends her share of weddings. And a photo she posted from a recent wedding she attended has bothered some people.

Jana Duggar with her sisters
Jana Duggar, far right, with three of her sisters | Ida Mae Astute/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

Duggar’s single life has been a constant topic among fans

Ever since 19 Kids and Counting premiered, fans have been waiting for Duggar to walk down the aisle. She is the oldest daughter in her family, and she’ll turn 30 next year. However, while most Duggar women marry in their early 20s (or even younger), Duggar has lived out her entire 20s as a single woman. There have been various rumors about Duggar entering into courtships, though none of them have panned out. Most recently, people have suspected she might be in a courtship with Lawson Bates, though the public has never received confirmation on it. And normally, when Duggars start a courtship, they inform the public right away.

She attends plenty of weddings, nonetheless

Though Duggar hasn’t had her own wedding, she still attends them very often. Her family and friends tend to the tie the knot at a very young age, plus, she has befriended families with many children, just like her own. This equates to multiple weddings per year, and she’s been a bridesmaid in many of them, too. Eight of Duggar’s siblings have already tied the knot — Josh, John David, Jill, Jessa, Jinger, Joy, Joseph, and Josiah. The oldest Duggar daughter is no stranger to a wedding ceremony, but some think her recent photo says otherwise.

Duggar’s recent Instagram photo has some thinking she doesn’t follow dress codes

Some aren’t happy with Jana Duggar’s outfit in this wedding photo.

Duggar recently posted a photo alongside best friend Laura DeMasie and others; the friends had all attended a wedding in Austin, Texas, and Duggar posted photos of her time spent in the Lone Star State. However, the first photo shows Duggar wearing what appears to be a cotton shirt with a high-waisted skirt, and some have complained that she doesn’t properly follow dress codes. “Jana looks so underdressed compared to everyone else. No Duggar understands dress codes,” one Reddit user wrote in response to the photo. “Jana needs to get dresses that don’t double as maternity clothes,” someone else said. “She looks so frumpy, especially when compared to people who are well-dressed,” another user added.

It seems that some thought Duggar wasn’t properly following the wedding’s dress-code attire, though it’s important to note that it’s unclear what the attire requirements were.

Duggar has come under fire for Instagram photos in the past   

People also noticed that Duggar posted a photo where a woman wearing a dress with a slit was front and center. Some suggest it’s because Duggar came under fire for Photoshopping skirts onto two young girls in a previous post. The Duggars are raised very conservatively, so it comes as a surprise that Duggar would have posted a photo featuring a dress with a slit. However, she could have been making up for her distasteful past Photoshop.