Fans Had No Idea ‘The Pioneer Woman’ Ree Drummond Went Through This Violent Ordeal

She may be a relative newcomer to the Food Network, but fans have still been following The Pioneer Woman Ree Drummond for years. She first got her food show back in 2011, and since then, viewers have been trying her recipes and hearing her stories about how she became an “accidental country girl.” And she was also attaining fame even before her show with her award-winning blog of the same name.

Life hasn’t always been super easy for Ree, however — and she was once involved in a violent crime that could have turned out far worse than it did. Here’s what happened.

The incident occurred when Ree was 17 and living in her hometown

Ree currently lives in the same state she grew up in: Oklahoma. Her hometown is Bartlesville, which The New Yorker reminds is a tiny city of just 35,000 residents. And while we know Ree has plenty of money now from her show, successful blog, and cattle ranching, she also grew up quite wealthy as well. Her father was an orthopedic surgeon and her mother was able to stay home and raise her and her three siblings. As the publication notes, “Her life revolved around ballet classes, her parents’ country club, and summer trips to Hilton Head, South Carolina.”

Ree did a fair bit of moving around in her younger years, however — and she’s made it clear before that if it weren’t for her husband, she never would have stuck around the countryside. But her plans aside, when she was 17, she was still stuck in Bartlesville — and this is where an incident occurred that has forever changed her life.

She was attacked by 6 men with a shotgun

Ree’s Pioneer Woman blog has been a huge hit with audiences since its conception in the early 2000s, as she offers personal stories that readers would never expect. And one such story on the blog is titled, “Guess What Happened to Me Once?” She went on to explain that when she was just a teen leaving ballet class early without anyone else by her side, she went to drive back home when she was approached by several men. “I got into my car and started the engine. My windows were down, and just as suddenly as I heard the pounding of approaching feet on the pavement outside my car, I felt the jolt of a hard, metal object being thrust into my left temple. It was a shotgun,” she wrote.

She was ordered out of the car and noticed there were six men in total. The man holding the shotgun then told Ree that she was to get back in her car and drive them wherever they wanted to go. Thankfully, Ree found one moment to run — and that was when one of the men said he saw a figure watching them from the window of a nearby home. “I ran until I found the familiar door of my ballet studio, which I flung open and entered quickly. By that time, the six men had sped away in my car. I was safe,” she added.

Ree’s assailants had killed another woman

Ree was able to get away from her attackers, though they did speed off with her car and her belongings. She went on to explain in the blog post that others who crossed their paths hadn’t been so lucky. When Ree’s car ran out of gas, the assailants found another woman looking for her missing dog on the country roads. “They’d flagged her down, she had resisted, and they’d shot her in the back.” Once the men were caught, Ree then testified at the murder trial and helped put the men away for life.

Ree notes on her blog post that she’ll never forget that night, but she also credits God for helping her get out of the violent situation. “Oh, and that house across the street? The one with the person in the window who distracted the criminals so I could get away? It was condemned at the time. No one lived there,” she wrote. “Thank you, God.”

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