Fans Have a Serious Problem With Jill Duggar’s Entertainment Choices

Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard have made some odd entertainment choices in recent months. The controversial couple has posted about their marital bliss and the bedroom aids they use much to the chagrin of followers. The decision set the internet on fire, but Jill’s made a couple of weird entertainment decisions lately that, while much more PG-13, have fans a little confused. In a recent Instagram Story, Jill shared a photo of her son, Israel, laid up with an illness. To pass the time, he was set up with a TV show. There isn’t anything weird about that, but the way she allows him to watch TV has raised some questions.

Jill placed a laptop across the room for Israel to enjoy

Lorelei Gilmore once purported that the only good thing about being sick is getting to watch endless amounts of television. The fictional character is not wrong. Jill apparently subscribes to the theory, too. A recent bout of illness sent her 4-year-old to the couch for some much-needed rest. To help him pass the time, Jill set him up with a TV show.

Israel, however, wasn’t watching his movie on a regular TV. Nope, instead the preschooler was relegated to laptop entertainment, and Jill didn’t even set the screen up close enough for the poor kid to be able to see whatever cartoon characters he was watching. Instead, the laptop was placed clear across the room. One has to wonder if the kid could even hear the movie he was watching. Laptop speakers are not known for their superior sound and volume.

Jill and Derick apparently don’t own a television

When Jill and Derick moved to their new home, they didn’t bother to take a TV with them. Instead, the family watches TV and movies on a small laptop screen. That isn’t terribly weird, though. According to Business Insider, television ownership is on the decline. Millennials are forgoing TV sets entirely in many cases and, instead, prefer to consume their media on laptops or on their cell phones.  

Not having a TV actually makes Jill and Duggar hip. It also explains why Israel was enjoying his movie on a computer, but it doesn’t explain why it was positioned entirely across the room from him. It just seems like a weird way to set up a child with some entertainment.

Israel’s TV habits aren’t the only odd decisions fans have questioned

Isreal’s recent television habit isn’t the only household decision that has left fans flabbergasted. Social media followers and Reddit users have been questioning Jill and her weird homemaking choices for months. From her decision to tape a plastic bag over a broken car window to the type of food she feeds her kids, fans have opinions on it all.

Jill Duggar visits "Extra"
Jill Duggar | D Dipasupil/Getty Images for Extra

During a house tour shared on YouTube, fans noticed that Israel and Sam share the smallest room in the family’s three-bedroom house. During the video, Jill showed fans the space that Israel and Sam share. Frankly, it looks no bigger than a closet, and barely fits a crib and a toddler bed. The guest room just down the hall, however, is far more spacious, even though it is rarely used.

Social media followers were also recently alarmed when Jill posted a picture of her young son climbing on what appears to be a garbage can to access a banana. The image appeared on Jill’s Instagram story on October 28. Followers noted that Jill apparently didn’t see the inherent danger in Sam hanging from a shelf anchored to the wall, with only a garbage can to steady himself. Instead, she seemed to be singing the toddler praises for being a “big helper.”