Fans Have Serious Questions About How Joy-Anna Duggar Does This Task in Her Camper Home

There’s a ton of controversy surrounding the Duggar family. While Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar started their family’s fame by bringing their 19 children on the small screen, their older kids are now carrying the torch on their own. And even some of the middle children — like Joy-Anna Duggar — are garnering a ton of attention now. Joy-Anna and her husband, Austin Forsyth, had Counting On fans sympathizing with them after their recent miscarriage, but they’re not letting the tragedy stop them from continuing on with life. Recently, Joy-Anna shared her current living situation — and it’s way different than how any of her family members are living.

Following a recent Instagram post, fans now have questions about how she does one basic necessity in her camper, too. Here’s why fans are scratching their heads.

Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth are currently living in a camper

The Duggars have always been careful with their money, and considering a large source of their income comes from their TLC show, some Duggar families have side hustles to help keep the cash flow consistent. And it seems Austin Forsyth is great at flipping houses and getting some extra money for Joy-Anna and their son, Gideon. According to Romper, they renovated their first home and lived in a camper while they were completing that project. And given what Joy-Anna recently shared on Instagram, we see they’re living in a brand new camper now.

In this video on Instagram, Joy-Anna explains she and Austin are working on building a new house to sell. She then pans over to her current home, the camper. “Here’s our house. I think it’s pretty cool,” she says in the video. “It fits our family great, we’ve been living in it for … nine months to a year, and I love it,” she continued.

Fans are loving what Joy-Anna’s doing with her home situation

The video on Instagram goes all through Joy-Anna and Austin’s home — and while she mentions it can be tough with the lack of space at times, there’s no doubt she’s proud of the home she’s created out of it. And while living in a camper wouldn’t suit most families, fans and other Duggar family members are loving how creative Joy-Anna got with the inside of the camper, too.

“I love the makeover you’ve given your little home!” Jessa commented on the post. And Josiah and Lauren Duggar wrote, “Looks so good Joy! You’re amazing.” As for fans, they’re equally as impressed. “I don’t know you, but I am so proud of you. A young couple, working hard to make a living through building and selling homes, but also living within your means,” a fan commented. And another wrote, “That’s all you need. This is perfect for your stage of life. Making memories is what it’s all about. Love how you’ve decorated it.”

Many are wondering how they do laundry after this Instagram post

While fans are generally supportive of Joy-Anna and Austin’s efforts, they still have questions regarding the logistics. And Joy-Anna recently posted this photo on Instagram that had fans wondering how the couple does laundry. “Since living in the camper we do laundry about once a week. Which means we’ve got 2-3 loads to tackle,” Joy-Anna started her post.  “Gideon likes to ‘help’ me switch the laundry over and he gets so proud of himself when it’s all finished!”

“So you only wash towels and sheets once a week? Those should be washed at minimum 2-3 times a week. Especially because you have a small child,” one fan criticized. And others asked about how the laundry system works in the camper. “Do you do it at your parents’ house?” one fan asked. Another questioned, “Do you have to go to a laundromat?” Yet another wondered, “
Do you have a washer and dryer in your trailer or do you have to go someplace else to do your laundry?”

We’re hoping Joy-Anna will provide fans with some answers as to how exactly she gets the basics done in her small home. And we’d all love to know her future plans with house flipping and living in the RV.

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