Fans Just Criticized Jill Duggar on Instagram for Killing Bees, and She’s Not Having It

We’ve been following the Duggar family for years, and it’s hard to believe how quickly they all grew up. Jill Duggar has gathered quite a following over the years, and it seems her fan base has only grown since she and controversial husband, Derick Dillard were dismissed from Counting On. From her family recipes to stories of her two sons, fans love seeing what Jill’s going to post online next — though, sadly for the Dillard family, it seems everything they post as of late comes under fire.

Most recently, Jill posted a photo set to Instagram that perfectly displays her hatred for bugs. Unfortunately, fans were totally unhappy with the photos and caption she put forth. Here’s what they said — and how Jill clapped back in response.

Jill Duggar posted photos of dead wasps in her household

Jill loves being candid with her followers and allowing them to take a look inside her home life — and recently, she added an entire post to Instagram about her hatred for “flying critters.” Her photo set included two photos: one with a fly swatter and two dead wasps, and another one with her holding the swatter and looking totally unamused. And of course, she added a caption to explain the exact scenario.

“No, just no! I spent several minutes yesterday trying to kill a wasp that come into the house and in the meantime also killed a bee, then killed ANOTHER wasp today!” Jill started her post. She then went on to explain that her older son, Israel, was trying to protect her youngest child, Samuel, from the stings — and she also wished Derick was around to help, too. “Who else hates these things with a vengeance?!” she asked her followers. Though, of course, this post had many on the defense, especially since Jill’s killing bugs but still maintains a heavy pro-life stance for humans.

Fans tried to criticize her, but she defended herself

It didn’t take long for fans to negatively comment on the photo set. “Bees are precious and useful. Please don’t kill them,” one fan commented — and many others had comments just like it. Another mentioned Jill’s hard pro-life stance, stating, “Also it’s amazing that someone so aggressively pro-birth is super chill about killing a bunch of ‘God’s creatures’.”

While Jill typically doesn’t say much when she’s under fire online, she did take to her Instagram to address the hate this time. “Y’all, seriously?! 🤔 If it’s in my home it’s trespassing,” Jill started. “And I got stung by a bee once on my foot and was on crutches for 3 days! Literally had to crawl everywhere! No joke! … I’m not anti-bee, just don’t like them close to me!”

Not everyone was against Jill here, either. As per usual, she had a few followers on her side. “Same! I do not do bugs! I have a rule, you stay outside I’ll leave you alone,” one of her fans agreed.

This is far from the first time she’s been critiqued online

If there’s any Duggar used to receiving backlash for their posts, it’s definitely Jill — though typically, the hate she receives is regarding her parenting choices. More recently, Jill’s followers criticized her birthday party for her 4-year-old son — and they also speculated as to why Derick wasn’t in attendance for the event. Not only that, but fans also slammed Jill when she shared she was giving her son a new toothbrush as a “reward.”

Despite the hate, Jill continues sharing her life with her fans on social media — and many others wish she could appear on Counting On alongside her other family members, even without Derick. Perhaps TLC will allow Jill to appear on the show in the future if that’s what fans really want. Only time will tell.

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