Here’s Why Fans Leave Such Strange Comments on the Kardashians’ Instagram Posts

The Kardashian-Jenner family is arguably one of the most famous families in the United States — and they’re known around the world, too. The Kardashians are very active on social media and have accumulated massive followings on each of their pages. But anyone who has ever seen the comments section of a Kardashian or Jenner Instagram post might have noticed some unusual acronyms.

Kardashian-Jenner family
The Kardashian-Jenner family | Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

The Kardashians have risen to immense fame through the years

The Kardashian family first became widely known after Robert Kardashian, a well-known lawyer, stood by O.J. Simpson’s side during his trial for the murders of his wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and her friend, Ron Goldman. Kardashian and his wife, Kris Jenner, had recently been divorced, though she still attended the trial to support him. Robert Kardashian died of cancer in 2003, and in 2007, the family received their own reality show, Keeping Up With the Kardashians, which profiled Kris and Bruce Jenner, along with the six Kardashian-Jenner children. The women have since become extremely famous and have arguably become the queens of reality television.

Their posts always have thousands of comments — some good and some bad

The Kardashian-Jenner crew has been very active on social media through the years. Kim, Kourtney, Khloe, Kendall, and Kylie are always posting photos, which in turn receive thousands of comments per post. Most of the comments are positive, coming from both other celebrities and unknown fans, and the women receive a lot of support on their posts. But other comments are negative, such as the women’s photos being called out for their editing, and more recently, Kim Kardashian being accused of not being the real mother to her son, Psalm West. But the comments all come with the fame.

‘LB’ and other comments often show up on the family’s posts

Kylie Jenner Instagram comments
The Kardashian-Jenner’s comment sections are always loaded with “LB” and “CB” comments | Kylie Jenner via Instagram

Some users might have noticed that people often post “LB” on the women’s posts. Other acronyms, such as “CB” are posted often, too. It turns out, these stand for “like back” and “comment back” respectively. People comment the “LB” and “CB” on the Kardashians’ posts as a form of self-promotion. Celebrities’ posts are often loaded with spam comments, but the acronyms left on the Kardashian-Jenners’ posts seem to be mostly exclusive to them.

Kylie Jenner almost disabled comments at one point because of the spam

Kylie Jenner loves posting to social media, just like the rest of her sisters. And while nobody likes seeing negative comments, there’s something Jenner has an even bigger problem with: All of the “LB” self-promotion and spam comments. Jenner once tweeted back in 2012 that fans need to “stop writing LB” on her posts as a form of self-advertising. She even debated disabling comments entirely at one point, though she still allows them for now. While her feed is filled with commenters leaving genuine comments on her posts, including other celebrities and her sisters, there are still hundreds, if not thousands, of spammers commenting. And as long as Jenner keeps posting, it doesn’t look like that is going to change.