Fans Love These Throwback Photos ‘The Pioneer Woman’ Ree Drummond Shared on Instagram

When it comes to TV we all know and love, there’s a show on the Food Network for just about anyone. From Bobby Flay’s famous cooking on Iron Chef to Ina Garten’s signature meals on Barefoot Contessa, there are plenty of famous celebrity chefs known for their delicious cuisine — and Ree Drummond is now one of them. Ree Drummond, better known as The Pioneer Woman, shares stories of life on her Oklahoma ranch with her viewers just as often as she shares her recipes. And there’s no doubt she’s here to stay for years to come.

Thanks to Ree’s Pioneer Woman blog and Instagram, we also get a further glimpse into her personal life, too. And fans love when she posts photos from her past. Here are a few throwbacks that many adore.

Ree Drummond grew up in Oklahoma not far from where she lives now

We may know Ree Drummond best for The Pioneer Woman, but her story is far more interesting than just the recipes she shows on TV. The New Yorker notes Ree actually grew up in Bartlesville, Oklahoma, which is a small town known for its wealth. She has three siblings and grew up with her mother being a stay-at-home mom and her father bringing in the income with a career as an orthopedic surgeon.

She may be living near Pawhuska, Oklahoma, now, but Ree actually had big dreams of living in the city in her youth. She went to college in Los Angeles and from there decided she wanted to live in Chicago — that is, until she met her husband at a local dive bar. She fell deeply in love with Ladd Drummond, a local cowboy, and ended up moving to the countryside to pursue that love.

She was a ballet dancer in her youth — and here’s her head shot

It’s hard to believe Ree was, at one point in the distant past, not a celebrity chef at all. In fact, in her youth, she was a ballet dancer — and this was one of her head shots. She even wrote about this photo on her blog. “I was a senior in high school when it was taken. It took me over an hour to apply the stage makeup required to make me to look this freaky.” She also noted that she was part of a ballet company, and this photo was used as promotional material for that company.

Her ballet career was short-lived, it seems, as she didn’t seem to pursue dance in college. Instead, she went for broadcast journalism followed by gerontology.

She and husband Ladd Drummond have 4 children together

Ree and Ladd Drummond have quite a memorable story of how they first met. Country Living notes the magic happened when Ree was visiting home during a break from college. And while she had every intention of moving to the city, meeting Ladd changed it all. Their first date was magical — and she knew right then and there that she’d have to get used to the rural life she was born into, as he was a country man through and through and came from a long line of cattle ranchers.

Here, we see Ladd cradling their firstborn daughter, Alex. Today, Ree and Ladd have four kids — Todd, Bryce, Paige, and Alex. It’s hard to believe Paige and Alex are in college (Alex is in her senior year), as we remember when they were on the show as kids.

Ree loves sharing her parenting stories with her fans, too

Ree was famous way before the Food Network — and it’s all thanks to her blog and her ability to tell stories about her life and family. Not only does she continue to share personal information on her blog, but she also shares tales on her Instagram as well. Here, we see an adorable photo of Ree with her girls — and in the caption of the photo, we get the full story. “When this photo was taken, I thought I was going to be a mom of three; little did I know that Todd would be in the picture awhile later. Sweet times, happy times, and I’d go back and do it all again in a heartbeat if I could,” she wrote.

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