Fans May See How ‘Endgame’ Unfolded From Natasha’s POV in ‘Black Widow’

Avengers: Endgame is now fading in our memories, slowly growing out of focus as all the Phase 4 shows and movies take the internet by storm. However, one aspect of Avengers: Endgame still leaves fans a little peeved: Black Widow’s minimal presence, and subdued effect on the ultimate fallout. 

MCU Black Widow
‘Black Widow’ SDCC | Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for Disney

While Widow saved Hawkeye, she also played no part in the movie’s epic final battle. How could you do Natasha so dirty? While her decision made sense — representing her transition from self-serving spy to familial sacrificer — it still felt unfair. And, in superhero movies, life can be fair, right?

Since Endgame, fans have come out to express concerns for the upcoming Black Widow installment. While all are thrilled that the heroine has finally received the standalone movie she has deserved since circa 2011, a prequel does seem like a cheap excuse: a way to say “here you go,” and appease MCU enthusiasts who would have otherwise felt robbed. 

Kevin Feige — and the rest of his dedicated minions over at Marvel —  rarely disappoint, and they like to keep fans guessing. Thus, it should come as no surprise that a recently leaked photo may indicate that Black Widow will defy all of our preconceived notions surrounding the upcoming movie. Feige may, once again, have a trick up his sleeve. 

Why the ‘Black Widow’ movie may not be what you are expecting 

Black Widow died in Avengers: Endgame. Since that point, fans have been led to believe that her standalone movie would take place at some point before her ultimate death. However, a recent photo of Scarlett Johansson, on the set of Black Widow, shows the star sporting the iconic red hairdo from Endgame, as We Got This Covered shows. This has led many to believe that the widely presumed timeline for the movie must be inaccurate. 

Most fans have jumped to one of two conclusions: Natasha isn’t actually dead (many people have come back from the dead in the Marvel Universe), or moments from Endgame will be presented from Natasha’s point of view, as We Got This Covered explains. 

Relying on a hairstyle to determine a movie’s narrative is risky; however, from the red color to the ponytail, Natasha’s look in these photos is akin to her look in Endgame; many fans expected her to come out looking like she did in Civil War.

While Marvel may bring Natasha back from the dead, such a storyline seems unlikely, and would only minimize the grandeur of her sacrifice, stripping away what it meant for her to die for another Avenger.

If the hair is any indication of the timeline, it’s more likely that fans will see moments that took place during Endgame when the other heroes were on the screen. Such a decision would likely appease the many fans who were upset with Natasha’s role in the final installment, proving that Kevin Feige is the true genius — and fan satisfier — everyone believes him to be. Will fans get to see pivotal Endgame moments through Natasha’s eyes? We can only hope.