Fans Say This Moment From Last Night’s Episode Is The Best In ‘Bachelorette’ History

There was a lot of bologna in last night’s episode of The Bachelorette. Hannah Brown sent Connor Saeli home after he came to visit her in her room, Mike Johnson was sent home before dessert on his one-on-one, and Luke Parker got into it again with Garrett Powell. 

Powell seemed to have an inkling that he could be going home. He was pulling out all the stops, telling Brown he was in love with her and doing some of his best Parker s***-talking. He was also egging Parker on with reckless abandon. 

Garrett Powell | Robert Clark via Getty Images
Garrett Powell | Robert Clark via Getty Images

We don’t know if the producers convinced Powell to sit in a room alone with Parker and push his buttons or if he did it on his own accord, but he definitely did what he set out to do. Parker couldn’t help but take the bait and ended up towering over Powell and screaming in his face.

Garrett (professional button-pusher) vs. Luke P. (bologna enthusiast)

“I saw the look on her face and your time’s coming to an end,” Powell told Parker with a smile. “Hannah tells me that you talked to her about me. Again. Didn’t you say last night that you weren’t gonna throw any Hail Marys and you were gonna stay in your own lane?”

The two argued in circles about who brought up whom first, whether Brown initiated the conversation, etc.  

“In your eyes, everyone else has the issue and everyone else puts you in these situations, but are we starting to think that maybe it’s Luke’s fault? It’s your fault. You talk about everybody. You’re the fakest person I’ve ever met,” said Powell.  

“You don’t even know me,” replied Parker.  

“Oh, I know you, and I’ll double point on that one. Double pistols,” said Powell, pointing both pointer fingers at him. “I know you, whether you like it or not, and I don’t give a s*** either way, everybody knows you.” 

After some more back and forth, Powell told Parker he didn’t know whether to label him a weasel or a snake. “Luke Psychopath The Snake,” he called him. But when he told Parker that he was “falling,” that’s when the first impression rose winner got really fired up. 

“I am never, and I’m not ever, going to reach for anything. I’ve been nothing but truthful with Hannah and you are not gonna mess it up, OK?” he said now standing up, yelling. “I don’t care what you said to her, but I am tired of it. You know what this is right here? This is a pile of bologna. Look at that. That’s what you’ve been saying to me and I’m tired of it, OK?” 

The best moment in ‘Bachelorette’ history

But the moment fans are raving about came after the episode. We see Powell and Parker back in the room they had their face-off in. Powell is eating grapes, smirking, fidgeting. Parker is staring blankly at him. Powell takes a sniff of the bologna, seems to like what he smells and takes a bite. In the next shot two pieces of bologna, with holes cut out in the middle, are resting over his eyes, creating a pair of iconic bologna glasses. And the internet goes wild. 

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