Fans of ‘The Big Bang Theory’ Despise This Spin-Off Idea

While on the air, The Big Bang Theory was CBS network’s crown jewel  — alongside the money-making, seemingly neverending NCISand managed to rake in millions of viewers with each passing episode. The show, taking off with four geeky physicists and the pretty girl next door, transformed with time, adding characters and developing existing dynamics to outperform the likes of similar sitcoms. 

The Big Bang Theory
‘The Big Bang Theory’ | Photo by Smallz & Raskind/Getty Images for The People’s Choice Awards

The show’s success, in no small part due to Jim Parson’s dynamic Emmy-winning turn as Sheldon Cooper, has led many to believe that the network would be foolish to let the series die. 

Many previous enthusiasts of The Big Bang Theory argue that the show grew to mock the very audience it was designed to celebrate, and began using laugh tracks to compensate for its lack of originality. However, CBS goes where money flows, and a spin-off may be on the horizon. One fan took to Reddit to discuss a potential spin-off idea that’s gained some traction in the TBBT community. Let’s just say, it was not welcomed with warm arms. 

Fans of ‘The Big Bang Theory’ react to the idea of a Stuart and Raj spin-off 

Though many viewers kept tuning in to The Big Bang Theory on a weekly basis, many of the narrative arcs and characterizations grew stale. Based on reactions to a spin-off starring Kevin Sussman as Stuart and Kunal Nayyar as Raj, we can assume that many fans grew tired of their presences. The Reddit user asked: 

Could a Stuart and Raj spinoff work focusing on Raj’s struggles in dating women and Stuart’s woes with his dating life and his comic book shop. The two could become buddies again like mid season of the show I think season 6 when Howard’s in space. The two could be sort of each others dysfunctional wingmen. I suppose Howard could come on as a guest character.  

Reddit User 

Many fans reacted with outright fury, as if the idea, in and of itself was a blasphemous concept. Responses ranged from “The whole Raj can’t get a girl thing is now easily the worst part of TBBT. It’s gone on way too long” to “No more. We’ve had enough. Let it die.” 

Many fans chimed in to support the above two arguments. One TBBT viewer argued that CBS is bound to give a spin-off a chance and, though Raj would be a great pick from an objective standpoint, he’s the “worst main character on the show.” The fan stated: 

Man, it’s funny, there’s no way CBS/WB don’t try a spinoff with the original cast, but I can’t even think of one that might be remotely interesting. Stuart is fine as a side character but there’s no way that character or that actor can carry a show. A Raj spinoff seems obvious, you have a diverse lead and he’s the one character without a family in the show (although they’re setting him up for marriage now), but I think he’s probably the worst main character on that show.

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The “LET. IT. DIE” comments, and similar responses, were quite common across the discussion board, as many fans echoed their dissatisfaction with the series in its later years. When it comes to The Big Bang Theory, most believe any spin-off idea would be a disaster, yet a Raj and Stuart one seems like a definite no-go.