Fans of ‘The Curse of Oak Island’ Will Be Obsessed with This Upcoming History Channel Show

The Curse of Oak Island has enthralled millions of History Channel viewers since it premiered in 2014. The story of the Langia brothers and their years-long hunt for the treasure of Oak Island is the No. 1 non-scripted show on cable. Now, the network is hoping it’s unearthed another treasure with a new series from the same executive producer. 

‘The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch’ 

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The History Channel’s new series seems designed with Oak Island fans in mind. 

The show, tentatively titled The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch, will focus on a mysterious 512-acre property in Utah’s remote Uinta Basin. A team of scientists and experts will search the ranch in an attempt to discover the truth about 200 years of mysteries, which involve UFO sightings, paranormal activity, and animal mutilations. The area is also home to a legendary, shape-shifting creature known to Native Americans as “The Skinwalker.” 

The area is known as ‘UFO Alley’ 

According to the History Channel, the area around Skinwalker Ranch has been known as “UFO Alley” since the 1950s. Over the years, all sorts of bizarre events have been reported in the region, which have prompted a series of investigations, including some secretly funded by the U.S. government. 

In 1996, billionaire real estate investor and UFO enthusiast Robert Bigelow bought the property with the idea of conducting his own experiments on the ranch through a group called the National Institute for Discovery Science. But three years ago, Bigelow sold Skinwalker Ranch to another owner, who has chosen to remain anonymous. However, the new owner has granted the TV crew permission to film on the property, offering TV viewers a rare look inside this strange place. 

What’s happened at Skinwalker Ranch?

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Skinwalker Ranch has interested UFO and paranormal researchers for years. A 1996 story for Salt Lake City’s Deseret News detailed the strange things that Terry and Gwen Sherman said they experienced at the property (then known as Sherman Ranch), including sightings of “small boxlike craft” and a “huge ship the size of several football fields.” They also found mysterious circles in the grass and heard voices of people speaking a strange language. Some of their cattle were found dead or mutilated. 

The Shermans were far from the only people reporting strange occurrences at the ranch. Members of the Ute tribe who lived in the area had their own stories of unsettling events connected with the ranch, and previous UFO sightings had been reported in the 1970s. 

The stories about the ranch so intrigued Bigelow that he offered to buy the property from the Shermans. He installed a team of scientists on the property to investigate what was really going on. Though he eventually abandoned his search for UFOs at the ranch, people are still fascinated by the area. Perhaps the team behind this new History Channel series will finally uncover the truth about Skinwalker Ranch. 

The History Channel has not announced a premiere date for the new series. 

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