Fans React to the Disney+ ‘Premiere’ of ‘Mulan’ Live-Action

For the first time ever, Disney+ subscribers can meet Disney’s loyal, brave, and true warrior, Hua Mulan. Well, kind of. With this movie only being available with “Premier Access” to the streaming platform, some fans took to social media, sharing their thoughts on Disney’s live-action Mulan and the exclusive access needed for viewing.

Disney’s live-action ‘Mulan’ for the first time on Disney’s streaming platform

There may be no singing, no Mushu, and no Shang, but this version of Mulan features a darker version of the tale, with plenty of action and one loyal, brave, and true warrior who’s willing to do anything for her family. 

Although Disney announced Mulan would premiere in theaters during March 2020, the release has since been postponed due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Now, it’s listed on the Disney+ streaming library (with “Premier Access.”)

This wouldn’t be the first time Disney movies debuted on the subscription service ahead of schedule, as Onward, Frozen 2, and Hamilton all premiered ahead of schedule. Mulan, however, is the first time that Disney fans would need “Premier Access” to view a movie.

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This is the company’s first time testing the ‘premier access’ for ‘Mulan’

This is the first time a Disney movie debuted with “Premier Access.” That means that in addition to buying the subscription to Disney+, fans would need to spend an additional $29.99 to have access to Mulan. However, this one time payment means fans can watch Mulan as many times as they’d like.

Initially, this movie planned for a March 2020 release. That date was then pushed back until the summer and then pushed back a third time. With other Disney-owned movies still slated for their theatrical release, Disney-Pixar’s Soul and Marvel’s Black Widow included, Disney decided this would be the best option for fans of Mulan.

Disney's 'Mulan' poster
Disney’s ‘Mulan’ poster | Rich Fury/Getty Images

Fans shared their thoughts on this Disney+ release

Since its debut on the streaming platform on Sept. 4, some Disney+ subscribers took to social media, sharing their thoughts at this modified premiere. Some fans liked the new format, while others wished it would premiere in cinemas. (Whenever it’s safe to go to movie theaters, that is.)

“Would love to see it but not paying $30 extra when I already pay for the service,” one Disney+ subscriber wrote on Instagram.

“It’s the price of two movie tickets, because typically you take someone with you to see a movie. But saying that it’s a bit pricey to be seeing from your home,” another comment on the Disney+ Instagram pointed out.

“Invite a few friends and charge them 5 dollars, they have to make money for that movie somehow lol. I don’t see the issue most of you spent more than that in a day on stuff you no longer can show for,” another comment wrote.

Disney’s live-action Mulan is now available for an additional fee on the company’s streaming platform. The original animated version of Mulan is available to all subscribers. To learn more about Disney+, visit their website

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