Fans React to ’90 Day Fiancé’ Star Nicole Nafziger’s Plan for May’s Education In Morocco

Nicole Nafziger and Azan Tefou of 90 Day Fiancé fame have never been the most stable of couples. Their relationship has had many highs and lows — well, mostly lows — and fans have been wondering for years now whether or not the couple will ever actually tie the knot. Since the couple got engaged there have been two failed weddings, revelations of infidelity on Nafziger’s part, and the possibility of ongoing infidelity from Tefou. Now, fans are feeling outraged over what seems to be a half-baked plan from Nafziger. She aims to move to Morocco, marry Tefou, and then try to find a way to move back to the U.S. as a married couple. Fans, however, are more concerned with Nafziger’s daughter, May, who is slated to start kindergarten. 

A life on the road 

As a result of Nicole Nafziger’s marriage goals on 90 Day Fiancé, May has lived a life of travel already. Basically, Nafziger has decided to bring May with her whenever she decides to go to Morocco. This means whenever Nafziger decides she feels like visiting or trying to marry Azan Tefou again, May’s life is uprooted and dragged across the globe. 

Some fans have started to wonder if Nafziger has May’s best interests in mind whatsoever. To many, it would seem apparent that uprooting a young child’s life and thrusting her into an entirely new culture isn’t healthy. According to In Touch Weekly, one fan tweeted, “I’m seriously concerned about May! We all joke about Nicole but she is mentally unstable. May is not properly cared for and we already know her mom has anger issues. I hope [and] pray she is safe.” 

Meanwhile, other fans have pointed out that Nafziger isn’t exactly flush with cash. Until recently Nafziger was working as a Starbuck’s barista, and had allegedly been sending some of that cash to Azan Tefou in Morocco. Where is all the money for travel coming from?

May calls Azan ‘dad’

Other fans have expressed outrage over Nicole Nafziger’s teaching May to call Azan Tefou “dad” or “daddy.” 

“Nicole has tried to make Azan a father figure,” an inside source told Radar Online. “She makes May call him daddy. That upsets everybody here.” 

Azan Tefou might be the closest thing May has to a father figure, however. Nafziger was 34 weeks pregnant when she decided to split up with May’s baby daddy, who has since had minimal contact with either Nafziger or May. 

“May’s bio dad and I are in contact for May only,” explained Nafziger. “He video chats her once and a while but he hasn’t met her in person before. We live states away. He asks about her but we just live our lives.”

Fans react to Nafziger’s parenting choices

Now, fans are concerned over Nicole Nafziger’s choice to move to Morocco for marriage. They’re concerned over the impact that schooling in Morocco might have on little May. Nicole Nafziger, however, believes they’re just being unfair. 

In one Instagram post, Nafziger wrote, “Y’all can’t even see that America isn’t the #1 best country for schools. I’m not saying Morocco is #1 either but that doesn’t mean it’s a bad school.”

However, one user commented on a recent photo of May, writing, “If you love her so much put her as your top priority, and give her a home and stop bouncing her around from one family member’s house to another. Give her stability and a sense of security. Get a job and support your child and forget about that man that gives no fucks about you or your child! Wake up already! Damn.”

Another commenter wrote, “Next question: if you and May do end up in Morocco..and you do marry Azan…how will he support you? He rarely works as it is. Does he get the equivalent of welfare? How will you be able to work?” 

One fan advised, “Be a mommy first. You have the prettiest little girl that needs you 100%. Children can feel our frustrations, sadness and get hurt by it. Take care of May first over everything.”

It seems as if, generally speaking, fans feel that Nafziger might not be paying enough attention to her child’s welfare.