Fans React to Disney’s ‘Home Alone’ Reboot Announcement with Snarky Comments

Disney can’t stop making remakes and fans are getting sick of it. After the lackluster efforts in the form of The Lion King and Aladdin, among others, watchers are starting to get fed up with the constant new iterations of old favorites. At best these films are being called unnecessary and at worst they’re being accused of ruining beloved cinema treasures for no reason other than to make money.

The latest in this line of remakes is cult classic movie Home Alone. Macauley Culkin starred in the 1990 comedy, which told the story of how 8-year-old Kevin McAllister gets left home alone when his family takes a Christmas trip to Paris and has to defend his house against two burglars.

Home Alone
Home Alone | The LIFE Picture Collection via Getty Images)

CNN reported the Disney CEO Bob Iger made the announcement that Home Alone would be “reimagined” as part of their new streaming service. Does it need a remake? Most fans say absolutely not. Here’s why so many people believe the Disney reboot of Home Alone is destined to fail.

The ‘Home Alone’ sequels were particularly awful

The most obvious proof that a Home Alone reboot will ruin the movie is the fact that filmmakers have tried to cash in on the film’s success before. Home Alone 2: Lost in New York was released in 1992 and it wasn’t too terrible — but subsequent films Home Alone 3 (1997) and Home Alone 4: Taking Back the House (2012) were critically panned. Macauley Culkin, arguably the face of the movie, didn’t even appear in the third and fourth installments.

Fans point to the previous spinoff attempts and cite them as proof that a reboot would also fail to capture that original Home Alone magic. As expected, internet critics held nothing back when criticizing Disney’s decision.

Fan reactions on social media were swift and brutal

With only a few exceptions, most social media users came out in force to declare the Home Alone remake a terrible plan. “Home Alone is a classic. Just leave it alone,” one person wrote. “Why Disney just why did you not learn your lesson from the 3 other home alones that nobody talks about just let sleeping dogs lie,” another agreed.

One Twitter user put it succinctly, saying: “Leave Home Alone alone!”

It would be a hard story to tell in 2019

Another potential issue fans pointed out with the remake was how unlikely the movie premise would be in our connected age. In the 1990 film, Kevin is left home alone and the phone lines are down, leaving communication impossible. There is no such thing as the internet, cell phones, or any of the technology we have now.

One person on Twitter made an excellent point, saying, “How you gonna remake #HomeAlone when 2019 Kevin can just text his Mom or catch an Uber?” while another agreed, “Plot twist: the power goes out and he forgot to charge his phone.”

It sounds like the new Home Alone is the remake no one asked for. We’ll probably still watch it though.