Fans React to Eyebrow-Raising Coldplay Tour Announcement

Coldplay released a new album on November 22. For the release of Everyday Life, the band played two concerts in Amman, Jordan, one at sunrise and one at sunset.

However, if fans didn’t happen to be in Jordan, then they will not be able to see Coldplay live in concert anytime soon. Chris Martin announced that “the band will not tour until their shows are environmentally sustainable.”

Chris Martin performs onstage
Chris Martin | Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images

Did Coldplay really send a letter to fans?

Even the fans that got an actual letter in the mail from Coldplay, were not to happy with the announcement. The letter typed on stationary with golden suns and moons, said “Dear Friends, my typing isn’t very good, I’m sorry. I and we hope wherever you are, you’re OK.”

 It continues with, “For the last 100 years or thereabouts, we have been working on a thing called ‘Everyday Life’ [and] in the classifieds, you might write double album for sale, one very careful owner.”  

The letter ends with, “One half is called ‘Sunrise’, the other ‘Sunset’ [because] it is sort of how we feel about things. We send much love to you from hibernation.”

What did fans have to say about Coldplay not touring?

The letter did little to dampen the frustration that fans feel about the announcement. On a recent Reddit thread about the band’s announcement there was a lot of ridicule flying. One fan said, “He could have just said he never wants to tour again.” 

Another pointed out that, “Even if the tours themselves are environmentally friendly that doesn’t mean that the thousands of people driving to a venue would be.”

Another fan said, “Why wouldn’t they just tour and donate money to combat climate change?” One response was, “I would say in the long run money is less effective than action. Throwing money at a problem is useless if you keep perpetuating the problem.”

Another pointed out that their actions also work as a marketing tool. By taking a drastic step like halting their tours they will receive more media attention that donating money to an environmental cause.

Some fans pointed out the hypocrisy in Coldplay’s decision

“[How about] all those plastic CD’s that they have created over the years. How much plastic in a million CDs?” one fan questioned. Another fan quipped, “Exactly. Is the band traveling by solar powered hot air balloon?” Others pointed out that in the past the band engaged in environmental unfriendly acts like releasing confetti bombs and balloons at their concerts.

Additionally, one fan said: “I’ve seen then a few times now, they hand out these little radio-controlled wristbands for everyone in the crowd. At specific moments in the show the wristbands light up and flash. Cool effect, but I’m sure there are millions of plastic wristbands from their shows in the landfills.”

Some fans dislike when artists get preachy regardless of the cause

“After he hooked up with Gwyneth Paltrow, Chris Martin increasingly became preachy about lifestyle,” a fan pointed out. “Can’t help but feel like a world traveling musician who is very wealthy has a much larger carbon footprint than the rest of us.”

Someone else joked: “If they were meant to play during global warming, they would be called ‘Warmplay.'”

So, what is the solution for making concerts more environmentally friendly?

Chris Martin’s wish is that his shows would be powered by solar energy and that there would be no single-use plastic at his concerts. Coldplay’s last tour, “A Head Full of Dreams” was the “third- highest-grossing global tour of all time,” Billboard reported.

The tour brought in more than $500 million to the band so it might be that the most environmentally friendly thing to do is to not tour anymore. Obviously, they have all the money they will ever need.