Fans React to Joanna Gaines Hosting an Adorable At-Home Book Tour for Magnolia Table Volume 2

After the April 7 release of her new cookbook, Magnolia Table Volume 2, Joanna Gaines was fully expecting to be out shaking hands and meeting fans on a book tour right now. But like the rest of us, the 41-year-old former Fixer Upper host is stuck at home because of the coronavirus pandemic and resulting social distancing recommendations.

But that’s not stopping the mother of five from spreading cheer to her millions of followers. Instead of hitting the road to meet them in person, Gaines staged a very hilarious “book signing” at her farmhouse dining room table. The Gaines kids plus Chip dressed up as customers to create their version of a signing that’s lighthearted, fun, and the perfect antidote to boredom at home.

Joanna Gaines
Joanna Gaines | Rob Kim/Getty Images

Joanna Gaines signs books for her biggest fans — her kids

The cookbook author is wearing a pretty floral dress and sitting behind a large table that’s carefully staged with copies of her book, a pile of Sharpie markers, and a plate of cookies. “I’m ready to go,” she tells her faux assistant, who is actually one of her children wearing sunglasses and acting very professional.

Her first customer is a little old lady (yet another one of her children dressed up) who has a hard time hearing her. “Can I sign a book?” Gaines asks loudly. “Did you call me a crook?” her daughter asks in horror. Another one of her kids mistakes her for Taylor Swift, while Chip plays an awkward guy in a trenchcoat picking up a book for his grandma.

The skit is silly and unique, helping to make the best of a disappointing situation. Fans were charmed by the whole thing.

Her followers showed up in the comments to show support and love

“Since my book tour isn’t happening this week, we still wanted to celebrate the book launch in our own unique, stir-crazy kind of way. I felt the love for sure, but I also missed getting to see all of your beautiful faces!” Gaines wrote in the Instagram caption.

“Thank you again for the support of my new cookbook this week. I’ve loved seeing what you’re cooking in the kitchen- keep tagging me!”

They all flooded the comments with love and appreciation for the at home book tour. “Okay, you officially just won the entire internet,” interior design expert and HGTV personality Brian Patrick Flynn wrote.

“Joanna, I am DYING,” fellow author Jen Hatmaker said.

“An Oscar worthy performance by Emmie!” one of the fans gushed, while another said, “Can you make one of those for every day of April please!”

Everyone agreed that the video brightened their spirits during these trying times.

Joanna Gaines keeps sharing messages of hope throughout the quarantine

Her book tour parody is just one of many inspiring pieces of content on Gaines’s Instagram feed. All along, the former Fixer Upper host has been sharing videos of herself cooking up beloved family recipes, including a few that can be found in her new cookbook.

Gaines and her kids also participated in a “cooking show” special on Food Network as a special sneak peek for her real cooking show that’s coming to Magnolia Network later this year. Overall, Gaines is bringing smiles and joy to a tricky time, and fans are loving her for it.