Fans React to the ‘Basketball Wives’ Reunion, Part 1

Where do we even start? The first part of the Basketball Wives reunion aired tonight, and fans were commenting live on Twitter and various spaces on YouTube during the broadcast. Some want the show cancelled. Others want certain cast members booted off the series for good.

Marc Lamont Hill welcomed the audience to the reunion and some faces were notably absent, but he asked questions directly and at times, bluntly. Here are some of the biggest moments from the reunion that drew the most reactions from fans.

Evelyn Lozada of 'Basketball Wives'
Evelyn Lozada of ‘Basketball Wives’ | Getty Images/Robin L Marshall

Things started off heated

Half of the reunion drama took place before the seated discussion even began. Behind the curtains, OG and CeCe decided to leave the building, and Tami left for a medical emergency (an apparent allergic reaction).

Hill went backstage and told OG that she wasn’t wanted on the main set due to security concerns and that after some discussion with production, it’d be best if she was moved to a different set.

It was insinuated that Evelyn didn’t want OG on set, so she left, and out in the parking lot, she was seen telling producers that her departure was due to everyone involved who let it happen.

Byron and CeCe left the reunion together in solidarity with OG, and along with OG and Tami, never made it to the reunion stage. On the front lines, Kristen said she would have wanted to apologize to Byron and added that CeCe was lying and she would’ve wanted her to account for the things she said.

Meanwhile, Jackie was complaining about the seating arrangements stating that the only place she was willing to sit was next to Hill.

While all this was going on, online, there was overwhelming support for “Team OG” and “Team CeCe.” Fans were upset that OG left and feel like she was unfairly singled out. OG believes she’s the only one being isolated for bad behavior and told Hill that.  

Shaunie decided to leave too

Shaunie left the stage after Jen flaked out on her answer about the drama concerning Shaunie’s ex, Shaquille O’Neal. Hill took things back to the rumors that started it all and they recapped the rift between Shaunie and Jen and the things Jen said to the other women.

Shaunie felt that Jen shouldn’t have been talking about Shaq’s cheating because it was disrespectful to her kids, but Jen said it was “just facts.” Fans were not on board with Jen’s attitude.

Ultimately, Hill said that what Jen circulated about Shaq wasn’t true and it started the beef, and asked her if she understood why Shaunie was upset. It took a while, but she conceded. Shaunie was so angry about the back and forth that she left.

Fans were not so quick to take sides in this dispute and feel that Shaunie has hypocritical tendencies when it comes to who’s in the wrong.

OG returned to the set as a surprise

After a recap of Shaunie’s family challenges, OG paid a return visit to the set. She said she wasn’t going to let the collective dictate what was going to transpire or what she had to say.

OG reiterated her position that she feels unfairly targeted as being aggressive, and pointed out that others have thrown tables, glasses, and hands.

She showed up with Kwame by her side, and he had some choice words for all the women.

Accusations of colorism

So many accusations were tossed around it could make your head spin. Outside of the show and on the reunion, OG accused Evelyn and other cast members of colorism. She feels she’s been targeted and labeled as aggressive because of her dark complexion.

The reaction from fans online have been divided, but those who agree with OG have caused an uproar on social media against Evelyn. Because of the backlash online, Evelyn has filed a defamation lawsuit against OG and a restraining order.

This led to a rebuttal from ladies. It was noted that OG is not the only dark-skinned woman in the cast, and Malaysia told OG that their problem had to do with OG’s behavior and attitude only. OG’s answer? She accused Malaysia of bleaching her skin.

Next week, fans will be tuning in for part two, and Marc Lamont Hill is doing a sit-down with Shaunie to discuss colorism on the show. Stay tuned.