Fans Respond to Aaron Carter’s Sweet Tribute to His Girlfriend

Aaron Carter is posting again about his girlfriend, Melanie Martin in the sweetest way. Read on to learn what Carter said on his Instagram page that has fans talking as usual.

Aaron Carter posts a tribute to his girlfriend

Aaron Carter
Aaron Carter | Gabe Ginsberg/Getty Images

Carter went into full detail about his feelings for his girlfriend, Melanie Martin. The post included an image of Carter and his girlfriend kissing passionately. He also took the time to write a long post about his feelings.

“We’re still learning so much about each other, what our boundaries are, hers and mine,” Carter began. “Notice HER comes first always put your woman first before your own selfish needs. That’s what my daddy always taught me. Do right by your woman happy wife happy life. I’ve never met a woman more invested into me than you my darling @missmelaniemartin you’ve shown me a love that I never thought existed.”

Carter reveals they’ve moved in together

Carter didn’t just stop there. He continued and talked about the goals he shares with his girlfriend. He also shared that they have moved in together and that he wants to “move forward” in life.

“From my boundaries I have for myself that our met and knowing she actually DOES something about it,” Carter continued. “You all can talk all the shit you want and call me names and slander me. But we all know what it is. I just want to move forward in the best way possible. Melanie and I have the same goals in life. I’m just showing her a different side of love that I myself am not accustomed too. So that’s why I made it a point to do things differently. Obviously my sweetheart and I have different lifestyles. She moved in with me and has been communicating at least 12 hours a week to be home.”

Carter concluded the lengthy post by saying something about his tattoo. “She’s a blessing her love is worth it,” Carter said. “And that’s what means the most to me. Funny story about my love tattoo under my left eye but we can get to that another day. 🥰 you never know what the tides will bring and the crescent moon under my eye.”

Fans react to the new post

Fans had a lot of feelings about the long and meaningful post. Some thought it was hilarious, while many wanted Carter to know they support him and his girlfriend with all their endeavors.

“This dude cray AF and I love it,” an Instagram user wrote.

One user couldn’t believe some of the comments from people. “Ya everyone! Take relationship advice from Aaron Carter 😂,” another user said.

Many fans wanted Carter to know they support his relationship and his happiness. “I love the two of you together. 💯❤️You both have my full support and I could not be happier for you two. 💖🦁 You both deserve someone that will love you unconditionally. I think you found that in one another. ❤️💯,” someone wrote.

“I love you guys!! I wish you all the best 💜💜,” yet another fan said.

Fans are overwhelmingly positive towards Carter and his sweet tribute post about his girlfriend.