Fans Reveal The Main Problem With ‘American Horror Story: 1984’ & Other Seasons

Ryan Murphy’s famed anthology — American Horror Storyis now on its ninth season and growing strong. While Evan Peters and Sarah Paulson (the king and queen of AHS) are amiss, the season has managed to snag a 92% critic score and a 75% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes. It looks like the show can survive without its mainstays in all their gory glory. 

Ryan Murphy of American Horror Story
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1984, boasting a slasher theme with allusions to yesteryear’s horror flicks strung throughout, is visually captivating, suspenseful, and in Murphy fashion, adequately twisted. While 1984 is a strong addition to the AHS lineup, fans do possess one major gripe with the show, and it tends to be a concern that looms over Murphy productions like a dark cloud. 

What fans don’t love about ‘American Horror Story’ 

In an online discussion surrounding the most recent installment in the AHS anthology, the one problem fans possess with the show came to the surface, for one trend quickly emerged. When it comes down to it, Ryan Murphy productions (and virtually all AHS seasons) have proven visually stunning; however, does this sometimes translate into a show that’s narratively stunted?

From The Politician to American Horror Story, Ryan Murphy always creates a captivating setting — an environment that draws you in; yet, sometimes, it’s not enough to hold your attention. One fan stated:

I’m enjoying the environment, but not the story. It’s sloppy.

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American Horror Story creates scenes that make you gasp, disturbing visuals that lead you to sit with bated breath, campy moments and over the top romances to give you that little soap opera element, but the story is sometimes haphazard.  Fans concurred with the above statements, adding:

This tends to be every season for me. I can last about halfway through then the environment and aesthetic isnt enough to keep me around for the rest.

They have great settings, they just never do enough with them story wise

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cut and paste this to every AHS season (probably). I dropped off at the carnival season, but always found myself thoroughly enjoying the first episode, from there every episode seemed to have diminishing returns with occasional high points. Ryan Murphy just gonna be Ryan Murphy i guess.

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The Ryan Murphy struggle

The narrative flaw should not come as a surprise to Ryan Murphy fans, as critics have derided past AHS seasons for the same reason. While some American Horror Story seasons receive glorious reviews, reaching a high point narratively and cinematically, others fall flat in the former realm.

When taking to Rotten Tomatoes, you will see that AHS seasons four and five were quite contentious for this very reason. Ryan Murphy may be a genius; no one would deny that he’s got an eye for television and film. However, sometimes, his ambition and desire for spectacle, get the best of him.