Fans Say Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez Won the ‘Flip the Switch’ Challenge

If you’ve been online recently, there’s a good chance you’ve seen this thing called the “flip the switch” challenge.

If not, it’s a video trend where two people stand in front of a mirror while listening to Drake’s 2018 song “Nonstop,” which opens with the line “I just flipped the switch.” When he raps the words, the light goes off. It comes back on and reveals that the participants have swapped clothes and positions.

Many celebrities have attempted the challenge — from Camila Cabello and choreographer Calvit Jr. to former presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren and Kate McKinnon. But the undisputed winners, according to many fans, are Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez.

Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez on the red carpet at an award show in January 2020
Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez on the red carpet at an award show in January 2020 | Steve Granitz/WireImage

Watch Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez’s challenge

The video opens with Lopez dancing in a fitted white dress and hoop earrings. As she swirls her body around the room, Rodriguez stands coolly to the side in a blazer, khaki pants, and dark aviator sunglasses.

After the light flicks off and on, Rodriguez appears in the same body-hugging dress and jewelry and mimicks Lopez’s moves. She also mocks Rodriguez’s behavior while wearing his gear.

The former MLB star uploaded the post to Tik Tok before sharing it on his Instagram page — where fans had a field day.

Fans reactions to Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez’s Tik Tok video

The video prompted thousands of comments, with one person saying that “this might be the best one yet!”

“YOU WON THE INTERNET today!” another fan said, while Vanessa Hudgens wrote, “IM DEAAAAAD.”

Olympian Lolo Jones, for her part, couldn’t get over Rodriguez’s dedication. She wrote: “This man is committed af. Let me get a boo that will do dumb TikToks with me.”

Drake was also happy to see them take part in the challenge, encouraging the couple with a series of fire emojis.

It’s a joyous time for Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez

Lopez and Rodriguez have been having lots of fun together while simultaneously planning their wedding. The two got engaged in March 2019 during a trip to the Bahamas following a two-year relationship.

They had a big, lavish engagement party in September 2019, but it appears that they haven’t decided on a date yet. Lopez told Oprah Winfrey in a Feb. 29 chat that, as someone who has been divorced three times, she doesn’t want to rush.

“It’s so funny because when we first got engaged I was like, ‘Ooh, we’re gonna get married in a couple of months?!’ You’re old thinking comes right back, all that hopeless romantic [stuff] that made me get married three times,” she said with a laugh, referencing her previous marriages to former waiter Ojani Noa (1997-1998), backup dancer Cris Judd (2001-2003), and Latin artist Marc Anthony (2004-2014).

“He’s like, ‘Whatever you want to do, we can talk about it,’” she said of Rodriguez. “I said, ‘But if we’re going to be together for the rest of our lives, what is the rush,’” she explained. “If that’s what we’re really going to do, if we’re really going to be partners.”

“If we’re really going to try to build something together that we both never had or both never felt like we had—which was a family with a husband and a wife, and a mother and a father—and we embrace all of our children and we show them something that we didn’t have,” she added.

So they are taking it slow and making the best of their time together — from taking idyllic vacations to participating in viral social media challenges.

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