Fans Say These Characters Have Had It the Worst on ‘Criminal Minds’

Fans have really grown to care for many characters on Criminal Minds over the years. With only season 15 left to go in the show’s epic run, let’s take a look at which characters fans say have had it the worst on Criminal Minds.

There are many characters that fans feel have had a hard time, but two seem to come up over and over again. Read on to learn more. There are spoilers ahead.

Dr. Spencer Reid

Numerous characters on the show have had a less than ideal past. Some have obviously had it worse than others and fans feel for them. Dr. Spencer Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler) is a huge fan favorite that’s been there from the very beginning. He’s had some pretty dramatic things happen to him and fans haven’t forgotten a thing.

“Spencer,” a Reddit user said about the character who has had it the worst. “Rough childhood, was bullied, abandoned by his father, schizophrenic mother, taken hostage, kidnapped by a serial killer, torture on livestream, injected with drugs, OD’ed on said drugs and actually died for a moment before being resuscitated by said serial killer, rescued but got PTSD and got addicted to the drugs, got clean but relapsed, was suspected to have been contaminated with anthrax, got shot in the leg, fell in love for the first time only to have her killed in front of him by a psycho stalker.”

Fans recognize that Reid has had nothing but bad things going on for him since the very beginning. “Not only has Reid had a ridiculous amount of bad things happen to him I feel like he’s never had anything actually good happen to him,” another Reddit user pointed out. “Like everybody else has good things going for them like having a significant other or having kids and meanwhile the writers don’t give him anything, not even like a pet.”

Aaron Hotchner

Thomas Gibson
Thomas Gibson | Jemal Countess/Getty Images for Wounded Warrior Project

Aaron “Hotch” Hotchner (Thomas Gibson) was a favorite until his abrupt departure from the series. Gibson was fired from the show after serving a two week long suspension due to an alleged physical altercation on the set, but fans still feel sympathy for his character over many others.

“For me it’s gotta be Hotch,” a Reddit user wrote. “On top of the stress of being the unit chief and everything that comes with it, he lost his wife and child, then he was helpless when his wife was killed, he was nearly blown up by terrorists which causes lasting damage in his ear.”

“Hotch honestly got it the worst,” someone else agreed. “His wife left him over the job he’d been doing for 10+ years and took his only kid with her. He was forced to put on a facade for his team and forget about them in the field, only to rarely speak to his son.”

Fans overwhelmingly feel for these two characters and think they’ve had the worst time on the series. Criminal Minds will be back with one final season on Wednesday, January 8, 2020, at 9 p.m. E.S.T.