Fans Should Get Ready For Eddie Murphy’s Stand-Up Tour

Comedy legend Eddie Murphy is having somewhat of a renaissance moment in the entertainment space right now, and fans are here for it. Ever since his appearance on Jerry Seinfeld’s Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, people have been wanting to know if he’d ever return to the stage for a stand-up show.

After it was reported that Murphy was in talks with Netflix for a $70 million deal for a stand-special, the news was welcomed with a collective “Finally!” due to the fact that he’s only been doing movies. While a TV series is fine, it sounds like Murphy will be going live with the people sooner than later.

Eddie Murphy | Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for Netflix

Murphy flat out states he’s going on tour

It could have been treated as a passing comment, but antennas went up when Murphy was on the Netflix-centric podcast, “Present Company with Krista Smith.” During this casual but enlightening chat, Murphy touched on his career trajectory, past roles, and the nature of how stand-up comedy has changed since he started.

But what stood out was this: “Next year I am going to tour, do some stand-up.” It’s like someone hit a gong, sounded church bells, and blew a Viking war horn to call attention to Murphy’s words.

The prospect of him going on tour is not only exciting for fans, but for the comedian himself. He added that he wanted to do some things that people have been wanting to see.

He didn’t dive into details with dates and such, but at least we know it’s happening in 2020. This comes following the confirmation that after 35 years, Murphy will return to Saturday Night Live as a host this December.

Multiple Eddie Murphy projects due to come out within the next year

One of Murphy’s most anticipated ventures is this year’s film, Dolemite Is My Name, which will arrive in theaters on Oct. 4 and then head to Netflix weeks later for streaming. It’s an homage to the late comedian Rudy Ray Moore and it’s already received high praise during the Toronto International Film Festival.

He’s also currently filming the sequel to the classic, Coming to America, reprising his role as Prince Akeem. Slated to come out in August 2020, the film will also see the return of Shari Headley, Arsenio Hall, James Earl Jones, and John Amos.

Prior to this, Murphy’s most recent movie roles included 2016’s Mr. Church, A Thousand Words (2012), and Tower Heist (2011).

When was Eddie Murphy’s last stand-up tour?

To say it’s been a long time since Eddie Murphy was on tour is an understatement. His last foray into the touring world for stand-up was in 1987’s Raw. According to the American Film Institute, he performed in 60 cities across the country. That celebrated set was turned into a theatrical concert film and went on to earn more than $50 million.

Murphy told Smith that he didn’t want to just jump back into the stand-up arena without having anything else going on, and the Dolemite movie provided the perfect opportunity to show back up on the scene and make people laugh.

For him, it’s all about being funny, so with the new film getting audiences warmed up, expect the tour to bring classic Murphy back to the stage.