Fans Side with NeNe Leakes After she Claps Back at Andy Cohen

If you thought that the Real Housewives’ drama only affected the housewives, then you were completely wrong. Executive producer Andy Cohen has been known to throw some shade from time to time as well. Most of the time, his comments are vaguely shady rather than outright messy. But he recently came for NeNe Leakes and the real housewife of Atlanta showed that she is not one to take rude comments lying down, even from her boss.

 Andy Cohen and NeNe Leakes
Andy Cohen and NeNe Leakes | Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images

What did Andy Cohen say about NeNe Leakes?

Outfit repeating is something we all do. Who has money to buy a new outfit for every occasion? But apparently, this is a major offense in the world of the housewives. On a recent Watch What Happens Live, Cohen pointed out that Leakes rewore one of her confessional outfits this season.

“By the way, one of NeNe’s confessional looks this year is the same dress she wore to our big doorbell show in L.A. where the strap broke, so I guess she fixed her strap, which we love,” he said. “We just love our eagle-eyed researchers here!”

Eva Marcille, an Atlanta housewife who was a guest that night, busted out laughing at Cohen’s comment.

“Why? Was that shady?” Cohen asked in response to her laughter. “I didn’t mean for that to be shady!”

“You’re just like me,” Marcille responded. “I don’t mean to [be shady], but sometimes, it comes out shady.”

What did NeNe Leakes say back?

Leakes was quick to call Cohen out on Instagram.

“Can somebody please tell me what was the point of this?” she wrote. “Like I don’t get it. That was 2 years ago I wore this dress ONCE, so I can’t sit in a confessional with it on @bravoandy How many times have you recycled your suits and ties? #pointless#messy why you care? It’s enough that we #RHOA ladies come for each other and now we have to worry about executives coming for us! No I mean coming for me! It’s not cool. Wasn’t you interviewing those girls? What you mad about? Y’all stay coming for me but soon as I say something or do something I’m wrong🤷🏽‍♀️ I DONT APPRECIATE THIS AT ALL #marchesanotte.”

Fan reactions to the Andy vs. NeNe drama

Though the Bravo world loves Cohen, fans were quick to side with Leakes.

“I watched it live last night, and when it happened, I was like—bravo to NeNe for keeping it real, rewearing something in her closet,” one fan commented on Leakes’ post. “And then I thought: d–n, Andy is outing his fave? (or so I thought.)”

“I don’t like this either,” another fan wrote. “But I know you gone check him the next time you see him lol.”

“They love to bring you up just to get some gossip going,” another fan said. “But they just saying anything at this point lol.”

“Yes!!!! he was being shady….You bought it so why not wear it as many times as you WELL D–N PLEASE!!! #messy #thenerve” another person said.

And others came for Marcille for laughing along.

“And for your so-called good girlfriend Eva (whom YOU brought into this mix of Messy Boots women) to think it was so funny was just horrible,” one fan commented.