‘Counting On’ Fans Slam Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo For What They Feed Their Daughter

Out of all of the Counting On cast members, fans seem to have taken a serious liking to Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo. Through the years, Duggar and Vuolo have proved to be living life on different terms than the rest of the Duggars, and though they are still very rooted in faith, they have expanded their horizons a bit and loosened up on some of those strict Duggar rules by which Duggar was raised. However, fans recently gave them a lot of heat for how they’re raising their daughter, Felicity — specifically, what they’re feeding her.

Jinger Duggar Jeremy Vuolo
Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo with their daughter, Felicity | Jinger Vuolo via Instagram

Duggar and Vuolo enjoy things that Duggar never got to experience growing up

Ever since Duggar married Vuolo, he has pretty much whisked her away from the life she was trapped in, and the two have experienced plenty of new things together. Vuolo was raised very religiously, though he wasn’t raised with the same constraints as Duggar. When the two wed, they moved to Laredo, Texas, where Vuolo was working at the time, and fans started to notice that Duggar seemed to let loose a bit. She started wearing pants and tank tops and enjoying sporting events. She even dyed her hair blonde, which fans were surprised to see. Now, the two are living in Los Angeles, and they’ve been experiencing a far different lifestyle than Duggar’s siblings.

The couple is constantly gushing over their one-year-old daughter, Felicity

Duggar and Vuolo have also redefined families within the Duggar household. Most Duggars have children as soon as they’re married and continue to have many through the years. However, Duggar and Vuolo have been married for nearly three years and have only had one child. And they are obsessed with her. Both parents are constantly posting photos of Felicity to Instagram, and Duggar even suggested she might grow up to be a soccer player like her father (sports were never an option for women in the Duggar household). Felicity has pretty much taken over Duggar and Vuolo’s social media.

Vuolo recently posted a photo of Felicity eating ribs, and fans were not happy

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+ @ribsagainstthemachine = felicity.

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Duggar and Vuolo were recently out to dinner in their new home of Los Angeles, and Vuolo posted two photos of Felicity chowing down on a rib while he and Duggar held it. Though some found it adorable, other fans were quick to criticize the two for what they were feeding her. “Please think about that animal that was badly beaten in the face then shot, so you could post a picture of your daughter on Instagram eating ribs,” one user wrote. “… These religions guide humans to respect all life, not to destroy living beings around us,” another comment read.

Others came to the couple’s defense over the photo

While many users harshly criticized Vuolo’s photo, many others also came to his defense. “How do you know for certain where and how this restaurant even gets their meat products,” one user wrote in response to the criticism. Others commented on how adorable Felicity looked and that it seemed she had kept a part of Texas with her when she moved. “Ribs are amazing! Looks like she enjoyed!” one user wrote. Vuolo didn’t delete the post, nor did he appear to limit the comments. It seems he was too busy enjoying his ribs to hear the critics.