Fans Slam Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s Recent Look: ‘What is Kanye Wearing’

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have worn some interesting outfits throughout their relationship. Kardashian’s style has changed quite a bit since she met her husband, and though she was once a fashion icon, her outfits have received more criticism than usual as of late. Kardashian recently posted a photo alongside her husband, though their outfits received a lot of criticism, with fans calling them everything from “pilgrims” to “Star Wars” characters.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West
Kim Kardashian and Kanye West | Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for The Met Museum/Vogue

West’s style has had a big impact on Kardashian

Ever since West and Kardashian started dating, her style has changed dramatically. Kardashian once only wore the trendiest looks; she always looked very put together, and she wore plenty of designer fashion. But once West came into her life, her look became a bit more relaxed. West emphasizes comfort in his Yeezy clothing line, and Kardashian now rocks more comfortable looks in her Instagram photos. She also just released the Skims Cozy Collection, a loungewear line that creates cute looks that are super comfortable.

Fans recently referred to them as ‘pilgrims’ and ‘Star Wars’ characters

Kardashian and West don’t post photos together too often, but when they do, they always receive a strong reaction from fans. Kardashian recently posted a photo alongside West, where it’s clear the two were posing and trying to look their best. However, fans were not crazy about what either was wearing. “U look like pilgrims low key,” one user commented. “Star Wars episode 15,” another person wrote. “Let the force be with you!” someone else said.

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Though Kardashian and West have millions of fans, some just weren’t sure about the look they were trying to pull off. One person blamed it on their wealth. “Sometimes if you get too much money you end up doing crazy stuff… What is Kanye wearing?”

The two have been criticized for their outfits in the past

Kardashian and West’s outfits haven’t always gone over well with fans. Sometimes, their looks seem too relaxed for the occasion (though people seemed to love the family’s matching sweats in their Christmas card.) Other times, their outfits don’t seem appropriate for whatever they’re doing. When Kardashian wore a skin-tight gown to church in Armenia, then posted the images on social media, she was heavily criticized not only for her outfit but also for making a social media moment out of church.

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Despite West’s new path, the two have a very strong marriage

West recently changed his career path from rapper to Christian artist. Though he once wrote songs about women and money, West now exclusively writes about Jesus and religion. He first launched his Sunday Services back in January, and they’ve become massively popular. But the recent career change has sparked concern that the couple’s marriage could be on the rocks.

Despite the rumors, it appears the two are stronger than ever. Though neither of them shows the other off too much on social media, they do still occasionally take the time to remind fans that they’re in a good place. Their recent photo, regardless of how fans saw the outfits, was just another reminder that they’re sticking by one another’s side.