Fans Slam Kylie Jenner’s Recent Outfit, Say She Looks Like a ‘Fish’

Kylie Jenner loves trying new trends. And with more money than most of us will ever see, she can buy pretty much anything she wants — including any outfit. But just because someone has money doesn’t always mean they have style; Jenner’s fans recently slammed the beauty mogul for her bright orange outfit choice.

Kylie Jenner
Kylie Jenner | Toni Anne Barson/WireImage

Kylie Jenner is fearless when it comes to her style

Jenner loves getting dressed up and taking photos. And she’s not afraid to wear looks that are a little more outside the box. The Kylie Cosmetics founder often rocks tight, matching outfits — clothes that most people wouldn’t exactly wear to run errands — and looks great in them.

Some of her most iconic looks of the year so far include her red one piece, full-body suit on Valentine’s Day, her short, pink Chanel dress that she sported in early March, and her adorable matching Dior outfit that she wore with Stormi while the two were on vacation.

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i hope she wants to match w me forever ⚡️

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Jenner’s looks can be hit or miss with fans

For the most part, fans love Jenner’s looks — well, most of them at least. Jenner has more than 170 million Instagram followers, and though many of them admire anything she wears, there are certainly some who aren’t afraid to share negative opinions.

Jenner’s nails are often a point of contention among fans. Prior to quarantine, Jenner used to post a photo every two weeks of her newest nail design. Sometimes, they resulted in a lot of compliments. But other times, people weren’t sold — including the time when someone compared them to “marker caps.” And Jenner’s hair, which changes often, gets a lot of love, too. But there have certainly been a few times when it hasn’t gone over well with fans.

Fans recently slammed Jenner’s bright orange outfit — and her pose

Despite staying at home, Jenner is still getting all dressed up with nowhere to go. The beauty mogul has been looking a bit more natural lately, but that doesn’t mean she’s shying away from makeup entirely. Jenner was all done up for photos in her backyard over the weekend, and her bright orange outfit had some fans comparing her to a fish from a classic kids’ movie.

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happy friday ..

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“In the least offensive way; this looks like that fish from [Shark Tale],” one user wrote. “Is it just me or does she look like that one fish from that one movie,” someone else wrote. “Can’t tell me she doesn’t look like the fish from fish tail,” another user added, likely meaning Shark Tale. Fans were comparing her to Lola, a fish from the movie who was voiced by Angelina Jolie.

Fans also took issue with Jenner’s pose — we’ll admit she didn’t look very comfortable. “Oh my God you’re going to [break] your back,” someone wrote. “Kylie is gorg but seriously who poses like that?” another comment read. “That’s gotta win the stupid pose contest,” another user chimed in. Hey, at least Jenner has kept fans entertained during quarantine. She might be staying at home, but she’s making the best of it, including starting her own garden, spending time with Stormi, and posting plenty of Tik Toks.