Fans Think Audrey Roloff From ‘Little People, Big World’ Is Way More Annoying Than Any of the Duggar Women

There are plenty of reality TV families we love to keep track of through TLC’s programming. The Roloffs are the stars of Little People, Big World, and we recall seeing Jeremy Roloff on the show since he was a child. Now, he’s all grown up and married to Audrey Roloff. And while the two announced they would no longer be taking part in filming and instead are pursuing their own endeavors, they still have a strong following via social media.

The Duggars are another infamous TLC family fans love to hate. From their dress code to their dating rules, they’re constantly under scrutiny for their Christian fundamentalist beliefs. As much hate as some of the Duggar women get today, it seems fans can’t stand Audrey Roloff even more. Here’s why she’s rubbing fans the wrong way.

One critic on Reddit thinks Audrey Roloff is way too into herself

As different as the Roloffs and the Duggars are, it seems Jeremy and Audrey Roloff share a number of similarities with the famous family of 21. Jeremy, Audrey, and the Duggars are all highly religious and aren’t afraid to judge those who have different belief systems. But it seems fans think Audrey is even more in-your-face than any of the mild-mannered Duggar women like Jill, Jessa, or Jinger. People reminds us Audrey received particular backlash for the one time she called baby formula a “sin,” and Reddit users haven’t been kind in their opinions of her, either.

In a Reddit thread, one user noted, “Audrey Roloff is way more obnoxious” than Jill Duggar and husband, Derick Dillard or Jessa Duggar and husband Ben Seewald. “Audrey and Jeremy are obsessed with themselves, think they’re the god’s honest experts on marriage since 12 seconds after getting married themselves,” the Reddit user noted. “The obnoxiometer is way, way above even Jill or Jessa at their worst.” Others on the thread also agreed. “She is SO dense. I used to follow her up until Ember was born and then I just couldn’t deal with her preaching anymore,” another wrote.

Others on Reddit don’t think her marriage is as happy as it seems

Aside from fans complaining about Audrey’s tendency to over-share details on her love life and act like an expert on marriage, many also think her actions scream of insecurity. Audrey and Jeremy run a business supporting covenant marriages called Beating 50 Percent, and they also sell a multitude of products that they swear will help others live a happy life with their significant other, too. Unfortunately, as one Reddit user criticized, “How much you wanna bet they’ll be divorced soon? How insecure does she have to feel about her marriage to peddle all these marriage journals?” Another added, “I can almost guarantee they’ll be divorced in ten years. They are so pretentious that they cannot admit when they’re making a mistake. I’ve also noticed that they’re very entitled.”

Yet another fan mentioned that it seems like Jeremy isn’t happy in his marriage to Audrey. “I truly believe that she is in the marriage and Jeremy isn’t. He did not seem happy about having their daughter. I remember him saying on an episode he didn’t think he wanted kids and Audrey clearly did,” the Reddit user wrote.

Fans think Audrey was rude to Amy Roloff following Amy’s divorce

At one point, it seems likely that Audrey was on great terms with Matt and Amy Roloff, Jeremy’s parents who made the Roloffs famous in the first place. But it seems Matt and Amy’s divorce may not have sat well with Audrey. As one fan noticed, “I hate how she made a point of telling Amy that she needed to keep her distance when they moved back to Portland. It was so rude. Like a sly dig at Amy for being divorced, like it was all her fault.” Knowing how difficult the divorce was on Amy, she certainly didn’t need any salt in the wound from a daughter-in-law.

We know the Duggars don’t believe in divorce — but they do tend to be much more mild-mannered, especially on the internet. The Duggars’ Instagrams and blogs detail what’s going on in their lives for their fans, and they rarely say anything as inflammatory as Audrey does. Not only that, but the Duggars all seem to genuinely like each other. We know that Jacob Roloff, Jeremy’s brother, had a long-standing feud with Audrey. “I read Jacob has seen right through her and has called her some names,” a user on Reddit noted. “I don’t even think Zack really likes Audrey because of the ‘advice’ she’s always spewing.”

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