Fans Think Cassie Randolph and Colton Underwood Are Headed for a Breakup After Her Coachella Video

Colton Underwood’s season of The Bachelor was unlike any other we’ve ever watched before. While Colton had multiple wonderful women falling for him, he completely fell head-over-heels for Cassie Randolph — though their relationship seemed ill-fated at first. Cassie chose to leave Colton behind at first after admitting she wasn’t ready for marriage, but after much convincing to give things another shot, she gave love a second chance. Now, the two are discussing the possibility of engagement in the near future.

The happy couple even recently went to the music festival Coachella — but fans are concerned after watching Cassie’s video footage. Here’s why fans now think they’re headed for a breakup.

Cassie and her sister, Michelle, posted a video of their Coachella experience

Everyone who follows Cassie knows she’s ultra-close with her sister, Michelle. Michelle has quite a serious following, too, as she’s an actress and model and starred in the reality TV show Young Once alongside Cassie before The Bachelor. And the two decided to head to Coachella with their boyfriends for a fun-filled week of music, laughter, and hard partying.

Before Cassie was famous, she and Michelle even had a YouTube channel called Double Mumble. It looks like all of those old videos have since been deleted, however. Now, their YouTube channel (simply titled Cassie & Michelle) features just three newer videos posted within the last month — and the latest is a 12-minute sequence of their trip to Coachella. Fans are loving getting these glimpses into what Cassie’s real life is like now, but they were left underwhelmed by how she interacted with Colton during the entire ordeal.

Fans think Cassie and Colton’s relationship looked super awkward

Cassie and Colton surely still have a number of fans, but after this video, it seems many of their followers are questioning how in love Cassie really is. In the comments section for the video, fans noted that Colton seemed to be “third-wheeling” Cassie and Michelle during the entire trip. And it seems like Cassie was constantly trying to find her sister and be with Michelle and her boyfriend rather than focus on spending any alone time with Colton.

“This was low key really awkward,” one fan commented. “I loved them on the bachelor but seeing them in real time is way different. … Colton didn’t seemed like he fit in w/ Gregg and his friends but didn’t fit in with Cassie either. I hope they’re better together off camera!” And another added, “Michelle and Gregg are adorable and real. Cassie doesn’t love Colton. I wish they’d go ahead and end it. He’s wasting his time. Her body language and non verbal cues say it all.”

Could they really be headed for a breakup?

Not only did fans mention in the comments that they saw a total disconnect between Cassie and Colton in the video, but fans have had their doubts about the couple since they first got back together. As one Reddit poster wrote, “I think she likes him a lot, and loves the idea of being in love with him. However, I remain unconvinced that she’s in love with him.” And while others seemed convinced of their love in other interviews, it seems this recent Coachella video is the one that has everyone scratching their heads.

So far, it doesn’t seem like there’s any trouble in paradise for the happy couple aside from fan speculation, however. And Colton even wore a shirt with Cassie’s face on it for her birthday. While her feelings may be more difficult to decipher, there’s no doubt we know how he feels.

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