Fans Think Cody Simpson’s Latest Instagram Post Completely Contradicts What He Just Posted About Saving the Earth

It’s tough to keep up with celebrity couples these days — and Miley Cyrus is no exception. While fans are aware of her on-again, off-again relationship with fellow actor Liam Hemsworth that spanned a decade, we all thought things were going well between them when they tied the knot in December 2018. Unfortunately, it was just a few months later when the couple called it quits. And now Cyrus is with Australian singer/songwriter Cody Simpson.

Simpson is getting a lot of attention thanks to Cyrus, and he’s using his Instagram to post about hot topics like climate change. Unfortunately, a post about saving the Earth didn’t go over too well — and his post right after that seemed to contradict the climate post, too. Here’s why his fans are upset with him.

Cody Simpson is getting a lot of attention thanks to Miley Cyrus

Cody Simpson attends Tiffany & Co. launch of the new Tiffany Men's Collections
Cody Simpson attends Tiffany & Co. launch of the new Tiffany Men’s Collections | Gregg DeGuire/WireImage

It seems like just yesterday when Cyrus and Hemsworth were prepping for their wedding. Now that the star-studded romance is officially over, however, Cyrus and Simpson are getting ultra-serious.

Some may recognize Simpson from his previous relationship with Gigi Hadid or his musical talent, but now, he’s getting more attention than ever before due to his relationship with Cyrus. Cyrus and Simpson have been close friends since 2015, and back in 2012, Simpson even announced that he had a crush on Cyrus during an interview with Fuse.

Now that Cyrus and Simpson have connected on a romantic level, they seem to be totally on the same page. “The reason why it hasn’t been a really crazy sudden thing is just because we’ve been friends for so long,” Simpson told People. “[We] found each other again in a space where we’re both not partying, working real hard, and it just keeps things healthy and it’s good.”

He recently posted about saving the Earth on Instagram

Simpson’s Instagram is full of photos of himself, videos of his music, and of course, a few shots of him and Cyrus. But recently, he posted about the climate change crisis.

“Australia is on fire. Venice is sinking. The system is flawed. Greed has poisoned the minds of world leaders. We live inside our computer screens and automobiles, disconnected from the earth. ‘Development’ & ‘progress’ — two of my least favourite words,” he captioned the post. “What we need is sustainable industry. What are you doing today to help save our one home—the earth?”

Unfortunately, Simpson’s followers called him out for his post. “People need to stop flying less for starters – especially first class and private,” one follower commented. “It’s the hugest fossil fuel suck and individual can do. You are suuuuch a hypocrite.”

His followers think his motorcycle-riding post contradicts what he posted before

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Zen & the art of motorcycle maintenance

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It looks like Simpson’s post right after the call-to-action post over climate change wasn’t a hit with his followers, either. He added a video of him riding a motorcycle at high speeds down the street. “Zen & the art of motorcycle maintenance,” he captioned the post.

His high-speed riding impressed some of his followers, but many others called him out for it.

“Is that being a responsible earthling?” one follower commented.

Another wrote, “Yes very good for pollution lol.”

Yet another commented, “telling others to ride an electric car to reduce pollution, but then riding a motorcycle? I like Cody, but isn’t that being hypocritical?”

It doesn’t seem like Simpson thought these posts through, but he hasn’t deleted them, either. Perhaps all of Cyrus’ charitable donations are triggering Simpson to get more involved with causes he cares about, which is why we’re seeing posts about saving the Earth now — or it could just be a phase. If Simpson is serious about climate change, we can expect more Instagram posts about it in the future!

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