Fans Think Farrah Abraham’s Daughter, Sophia, Looks ‘Happy’ and ‘Calm’ With Farrah’s Mother, Debra

Before Farrah Abraham’s many controversies, Teen Mom fans may remember when the star first appeared on 16 and Pregnant. At the time, Farrah was just a normal high school cheerleader who was getting ready to become a mother to Sophia. Nowadays, a ton has changed. Sophia is now 10 years old, and Farrah is keen on turning the child into a superstar like herself.

Now that Farrah has been completely let go from Teen Mom, we’re keeping up with the Abrahams via social media. And it seems fans have also noticed a major attitude change in Sophia when she’s around Farrah’s infamous mother, Debra. Here’s what they’re saying.

Farrah’s parenting is constantly under fire

There’s no doubt Farrah loves her daughter, but her followers have called her out for the way she’s choosing to raise Sophia. CafeMom notes when Sophia was just 4 years old, Farrah said her daughter should start to have her own life and learn some independence. In Farrah’s words, “It’s healthy that we have a break. Sophia has her own life and is doing her own thing, and I’m doing mine.”

Since then, Farrah’s raised plenty of eyebrows with the other choices she’s made for her daughter, too. At just 10 years old, Sophia has all of her own social media accounts — and while Farrah claims she’s the one overseeing them, many have still called it into question. Not only that, but Farrah has also given Sophia her own business to run, and many suspect Sophia isn’t getting the necessary social interactions she needs as a kid since she’s always jet setting across the globe with Farrah to adult events.

Fans have shown their concern for Sophia in the past

Farrah Abraham and Sophia Abraham
Farrah Abraham and Sophia Abraham | Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

Farrah and Sophia’s followers have made it clear that they’re genuinely concerned for Sophia’s development and wellbeing. Since the child is seemingly rarely given the opportunity to just be a kid, fans have taken note of this on Instagram. “She talks like a baby because she never had a normal childhood. I never see pics of her with other children…only traveling the world with her mom…the great role model,” one of Sophia’s followers commented on this video.

Others also think Farrah should be having Sophia dress more modestly, and they said as much on this Instagram photo. And fans have also said Sophia looks extremely tired and worn out in some of her photos, which has many concerned for her physical and mental state. Farrah doesn’t typically fire back at any of the negative commentaries on either her or Sophia’s Instagram pages, as she’s stated before that she knows what’s best for her family and has even called herself a “good mom” during interviews.

Fans think Sophia is better off with Farrah’s controversial mother, Debra

Farrah’s mother, Debra Danielsen, has made her fair share of appearances on Teen Mom. Danielsen was arrested on suspicion of domestic abuse in the past, People reports, and both Farrah and her mother have accused each other of abuse multiple times before, too. These days, it seems the two have an amicable relationship, as Danielsen features Sophia all over her Instagram. And while fans have noted Danielsen’s flaws in the past, it seems they’re impressed by how happy Sophia appears in Danielsen’s videos.

This video shows Sophia doing a normal, everyday kid activity — making Kool-Aid popsicles. “She’s so happy, so proud, so calm. You can tell she is so comfortable around you,” a fan noted. “These are memories she will cherish for a lifetime. Kids don’t remember monetary things, they remember making kool aid pops with grandma. So happy she is being a10 yo [sic].” Another added, “This is sad to watch really, this is how she should be 100% of the time. She will eventually have to go back to mom and be dragged around taking inappropriate picture of her mom [sic].”

Fans have also shown their support for Danielsen’s treatment of Sophia in her other videos, too. “You’re such a good grandma. We never get to see her doing fun ‘normal’ kid stuff like this when she’s with her mom,” another commented on this Instagram footage of Sophia making pudding. Will Farrah start treating Sophia more like a child after all of these positive remarks? Only time will tell.

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