Fans Think Jenelle Evans is a Giant Hypocrite After This Twitter Rant

Someone needs to step in and help Jenelle Evans out because the troubled mother of three is just making things worse for herself. She took to Twitter yesterday to announce that she thought it was utterly “not cool” to make fun of someone for having vitiligo. While her statement is very true, no one should be made fun of because of a medical condition; fans think she’s a giant hypocrite.

Evans was clearly trying to call out fans who had allegedly commented on David Eason’s skin condition. Eason lives with Vitiligo. Vitiligo is a skin condition that strips the pigment from areas of the skin leaving white patches, according to the Mayo Clinic.

Why do fans think Jenelle Evans is a hypocrite?

It’s hard to ascertain what or who Jenelle was referencing. As several Twitter users pointed out, they didn’t see any social media post that attempted to poke fun at Eason’s skin condition. They did, however, point out that Jenelle was being a massive hypocrite.

Evans has regularly defended David Eason for his offensive tweets and abhorrent views. When Eason called out Kailyn’s bikini pics, she stayed quiet. When he was fired from Teen Mom 2 for a homophobic rant, she spoke out to defend her husband of two years.

Evans told media outlets that David was just answering a question, which somehow made his rant warranted in Evans’ mind. She’s also tried to dispel rumors that Eason is racist by suggesting his best friend is African American.

Fans are left baffled by the tweet, and are wondering how someone’s commentary on Eason’s vitiligo, whether the commentary exists or not, is “not cool,” but Eason’s rampant online bullying and hatred is perfectly acceptable.

David Eason’s long history of making fun of people

Eason became pretty universally despised after he shot and killed the family’s French bulldog, Nugget, but he has a long history of erratic and disturbing behavior. In fact, David’s own tweeting got him fired from Teen Mom 2. Since then he’s made several comments online that either make fun of entire groups of people or bully individual reality stars.

In February 2018 the former reality star found himself in a Twitter war with a user. He then tweeted a homophobic rant. Eason is quoted as saying “And just what makes you think you have the right to tell me how to be a parent? Because you think you know me? Lmao why don’t you go tell the homo and transgender parents to start teaching their kids better morals? Oh I forgot that’s supposed to be normal.” The tweet is no longer available. MTV quickly cut ties with the father of three and noted they do not share or condone his views.

Eason followed up his homophobic rant several months later with a series of snapshots featuring the Confederate flag. Many viewers have interpreted the photos as a hint at the North Carolina native’s racism.

He’s also taken to Twitter and Instagram to call out his former castmates. He called Kailyn Lowry fat, accused Leah Messer of being a drug addict, and threatened Randy Houska, by offering to rearrange his jaw. Houska is a dentist.