Fans Think Jessa Duggar is ‘Brainwashing’ Her Kids After This Instagram Video

We’ve been watching the Duggar family for years thanks to Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar putting their kids in the spotlight. Now, even the youngest Duggar kids are growing up fast — and the older members of the family are married with kids of their own.

If there’s one family member who’s consistently in the spotlight, it’s Jessa Duggar. She’s married to Ben Seewald and expecting her third child soon. Jessa and Ben are featured on TLC’s Counting On, and they also have an active social media presence. While their fan base is huge, that doesn’t stop many from questioning their decisions as parents — and a recent video on Jessa’s Instagram had some thinking she and Ben were “brainwashing” their two little ones. Here’s what happened.

Jessa Duggar and husband Ben Seewald are both ultra-religious

If there’s anything the Duggars are known for (aside from their huge family), it’s their religious values. Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar are Christian fundamentalists, and they do everything in the name of God. They’ve instilled these beliefs in all of their children as well — so of course, Jessa is carrying on her religious teachings to her own kids. And her husband, Ben Seewald, is also a serious follower of Christ.

Ben’s religious beliefs do differ slightly from the Duggar family’s, however. In Touch Weekly notes he’s a Calvinist who abides by the belief system of “predestination” — that is, God has a predetermined plan for everyone. Many fans suspect his slightly differing beliefs from the Duggars have put Ben and Jim Bob at odds, but we can’t forget that Jim Bob approved of Ben and Jessa’s courtship from the very beginning. This must mean Jessa’s strict father saw a lot of great qualities in Ben that he hopes will be passed on to his grandkids, too.

It’s likely the couple will decide to homeschool their kids, too

Jessa and Ben’s oldest child is just 3, so we’re not sure what their ultimate decision regarding schooling is going to be. However, given both of their strict Christian backgrounds, it’s likely they’ll choose to homeschool their family. The Duggars were all homeschooled using the highly controversial ATI curriculum that utilizes scripture to teach kids, Romper notes. And it seems likely that Jessa will also use this material.

We also can’t forget that Jessa was pivotal in helping her younger brothers and sisters learn their school material when they were growing up, so she’s certainly had some experience here. Not only that, but Ben was also homeschooled and frequently helps the younger Duggars learn as well. Jessa and Ben have come under fire for some of the lessons they’re already teaching their kids, however. When Jessa posted this adorable video of her son, Spurgeon, naming shapes, fans were concerned when some of the material was spelled wrong.

She posted a video of her son to Instagram that has fans scratching their heads

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Reflections of the theologian. #Spurgeon

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The Duggar family’s religious teachings and homeschool material is nothing new — but Jessa’s followers were particularly concerned by one video she posted to Instagram. She posted a video of her 3-year-old son, Spurgeon, with the caption, “Reflections of a theologian.” When Ben asks Spurgeon what their youngest son, Henry, is thinking about, Spurgeon says he’s thinking about “his purpose in life.” After this funny answer, Ben then asks, “Spurgy, what is the purpose of life?” Spurgeon then echoes the same question back to Ben, and Ben says, “To glorify God and to enjoy him forever.”

Many fans of the Seewalds thought the video was cute, but others were quick to judge and claimed Jessa and Ben were “brainwashing” their sons with this sort of talk. It seems many of the negative comments on the video have since been deleted, however. The only comments that remain are supportive of Ben and Jessa’s teachings and condemning the “Godless people” who added their thoughts.

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