Fans Think That Taylor Swift’s New Song ‘Lover’ is Proof That She and Joe Alwyn are Engaged

Taylor Swift is back. If you missed the soulful guitar strummings of a curly-headed teenager leaving teardrops on her guitar, then you’re in luck because Swift’s new song “Lover” is reminiscent of the Swift of old.

Swift released the song yesterday and fans are already losing it. The tune is much slower and heartfelt that Swift’s recent releases like “You Need to Calm Down.

And when you break down the lyrics, the song is basically a love letter to her current boyfriend, British actor Joe Alwyn.

Lyric breakdown

Swift has been known to write lyrics about her real life and relationships, so it’s no surprise that several of her lyrics line up with things about Alwyn.

“We can let our friends crash in the living room/ This is our place, we make the call/ And I’m highly suspicious/ That everyone who sees you wants you,” she says in the song. “I’ve loved you three summers now, honey, And I want them all.”

Alwyn and Swift met in 2016, so the “three summers” lyrics are definitely referencing her current beau.

But the biggest surprise in the song is how often Swift seems to make references to a wedding.

“Ladies and gentlemen/ Will you please stand/ With every guitar string scar on my hand/ I take this magnetic force of a man/ To be my lover,” she croons.

Fan reactions

Some fans were concerned that Alwyn might not like being the center of a new hit.

“Imagine being Joe Alwyn and coming home from work and Taylor Swift is here in the patio with her guitar like ‘hey I wrote a song about you today wanna hear it,'” one person tweeted.

But others were convinced that the song was basically Swift’s wedding vows.

“The idea of Taylor Swift writing ‘swear to be overdramatic’ in potential wedding vows just makes me adore her a zillion times more,” one fan tweeted. “Let’s hear it for the girls who are always told they’re ‘too much’ and who keep being themselves anyway!”

#Lover bridge is Taylor wedding vows… basically…. but like ARE TAYLOR AND JOE MARRIED??? ENGAGED???? OR IS THIS TAYLOR’S WAY TO MAKE JOE UNDERSTANDS THAT SHE IS READY.. AND HE SHOULD POP THE QUESTION ?????” one person hypothesized.

“Ready to witness @taylorswift13 and Joe Alwyn marry each other as the music video for #lover. If these lyrics aren’t Taylor’s wedding vows then I’m stealing them for mine!” one fan wrote.

Even song reviewers at MTV have picked up on the matrimonial vibes.

“With an old-school vibe that’s classic & timeless, #Lover’s so atmospheric that it takes us to a wedding reception at 2am – the guests have left, the flowers are being towed away, but the newlyweds are so smitten with each other that they didn’t notice the party is over,” the tweet read.

But mostly, fans just wanted a piece of the romance for themselves.

“Joe Alwyn making Taylor Swift happy and Taylor writing Lover to him. I really want what they have,” another person said.

Swift’s full album, Lover, is set to be released on August 22.