Fans Think These Two Bates Boys Are Headed Towards Courtships

The Bates family has been abuzz for the last year. There have been engagements to announce, weddings to plan and babies to welcome into the fold. So much is going on for the family, in fact, that it is hard to keep up, but things are not going to be slowing down anytime soon. Fans of Bringing Up Bates have reason to believe two Bates boys will be joining the ranks of their married siblings relatively soon. Fans seem to think that the Bates boys are teasing viewers about what’s to come for them romantically in candid videos the family shares before each episode of their Up TV show.

Nathan Bates might have his eye on someone following his failed courtship

Nathan Bates notoriously began courting Ashley Slayer in 2016. Slayer, a New York City native, and Nathan had a grand romantic moment when the then 23-year-old Bates flew to New York to stage an elaborate court-posal. Kelly Jo, Nathan’s mother, had strongly advised against such a grand gesture, but Nathan would not be deterred.

His super romantic courtship proposal was all for naught. The pair realized quickly that they just weren’t suited for one another and called off the courtship just a few months later. Nathan has been keeping a low profile romantically since, but according to Bates Family Live, a weekly webisode, Nathan might be in the chatting phase with his next lady friend.

Is Lawson Bates finally ready to settle down?

Lawson Bates, 26, has spent the majority of his adult life focusing on his budding career. He has been so diligent that he doesn’t seem to have a lot of time to court a woman in the ultra-conservative community. That may all be changing now, as Lawson recently hinted in a Bates Family Live episode that he might have his eyes set on one particular woman.

The 26-year-old country singer told fans he’s “probably single” while he glanced off camera. Eagle-eyed viewers are left wondering if Lawson was looking at anyone in particular, perhaps a female friend positioned off camera.

Is Either Boy interested in Jana Duggar?

Jana Duggar is the last lady standing in the Duggar Household, at least the last one of marrying age. Jana, the oldest Duggar daughter, has been heavily involved in the planning of her siblings’ weddings but has yet to find the man of her dreams. Now 28, Jana has been the source of consternation for fans for several years. Viewers desperately want to see the quiet beauty break out of her shell and find her leading man.

Since 2012 there have been several rumors about impending courtships for Jana, but the rumor that Jana and Lawson Bates are an item has had the most staying power. The pair have been linked several times over the years but have always maintained that they are just friends. Could Lawson and Jana be getting to know each other more romantically now or does the younger Bates brother, Nathan have his eye on Jana?