Fans Think They’ve Figured Out the Sad Plot Twist in Emilia Clarke’s New Rom-Com ‘Last Christmas’

Emilia Clarke
Emilia Clarke | Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images

This may need a spoiler alert — at least it does if these fan theories are correct.

The trailer for Last Christmas was just released and it looks like a real holiday treat. Emilia Clarke and Henry Golding star in the Universal Pictures film, which critics are already touting as the must-see film of the holiday season. But thanks to social media, the movie could already be ruined for fans who wanted to keep the ending a surprise.

After the trailer dropped, viewers took to Twitter to share their ideas of what the underlying premise of the movie could be. And real talk? What they’re saying makes a whole lot of sense.

The movie takes the Wham! song lyrics literally

Remember the classic George Michael song “Last Christmas,” which doesn’t make a lot of sense lyrically but still gets stuck in your head every year? The whole movie is based on that holiday tune, and fans are taking cues from the lyrics to make their predictions for the plot twist.

In the trailer, Kate (Emilia Clarke) keeps bumping into Tom (Henry Golding) and those meetings wind up impacting Kate for the better. Before they’re introduced, Kate’s portrayed as a pessimistic girl who used to be sick (more on that in a minute) while Tom is a light, fun breath of fresh air who pulls her out of her life slump.

But fans are thinking the whole “Last Christmas I gave you my heart” thing is quite literal. Instead of thinking Kate gave her heart to Tom in a romantic sense, instead they predict he’s not truly alive in the movie.

Tom seems too good to be true — and he might not be real at all

Besides just being an overly amazing person, fans are claiming that Tom appears too good to actually exist. And in a Sixth Sense-like twist, they’re saying Tom’s character might be deceased the whole time. As proof, they point out that every time Tom is on screen during the trailer, he’s not interacting with anyone besides Kate, which could indicate she’s the only one who sees him.

Is it possible that Tom is really dead and donated his heart (literally, gave her his heart) when Kate was sick, thus inspiring her to live a better life? That’s what everyone seems to think. It would be the right amount of touching yet sad — in other words, perfect for a holiday movie.

The movie looks so touching either way

Even if Last Christmas is taking cues from A Christmas Carol, teaching a curmudgeonly person the true meaning of existence, it’s still worth watching for the emotional appeal and uplifting message of never taking life for granted.

The movie is already getting a ton of attention thanks in part to the fan theories, which may or may not be true. It’s not a predictable love story, and fans are loving it for that.

The official release date for Last Christmas is November 8, 2019. Get your tissue box ready!