Fans Think This Instagram Post From Kourtney Kardashian Is Horribly Edited

The Kardashians are one of the most famous reality TV families out there, and each member of the family has steadily gained traction over the years thanks to their hit show, Keeping Up with the Kardashians. While we’ve all been following Khloe’s drama with Tristan Thompson and know Kylie best for her secret pregnancy, it seems the oldest Kardashian sister, Kourtney, is also currently under the microscope. Kourtney might be best known for her drama with her ex, Scott Disick, but now that she’s moving forward with her own lifestyle brand, she’s under fire for something else entirely. And it all has to do with a photo she recently posted to Instagram.

Here’s why fans are pointing out Kourtney’s latest Instagram fail. Once you see it, you won’t be able not to.

Kourtney has been posting on Instagram to promote her new brand

She may not always be the Kardashian member immediately in the media spotlight, but Kourtney is seemingly doing big things with her time. Back in early March, she posted this nearly-nude photo of herself with the cryptic caption, “C O M I N G. S O O N. @poosh.” And now, Poosh even has its own Instagram page, though fans are still left wondering what exactly her new brand is all about.

It seems some insiders may be able to provide some insight about Poosh, however. According to Radar Online, one insider noted that Poosh is a “beauty brand, but also a lifestyle brand.” They also added, “Kourtney’s line is going to cover everything, basically. Everything that you see in that photo, aside from Kourtney and the Apple laptop, is part of her line.” It seems Kourtney’s other less-successful business ventures, like her makeup and clothing line, may have been the inspiration for this new idea, as the insider also said, “She’s really just trying to cash in on the family’s name while she can and this Poosh idea came about after a series of failed ideas.”

Her latest Instagram photo shows a serious Photoshop fail

BuzzFeed notes Kourtney recently posted this seductive photo to her Instagram with another cryptic caption for Poosh — though this Instagram post came with some serious backlash. While few had an issue with Kourtney’s bathtub pose, many found some serious problems with the editing of the photo itself. As one of her followers mentioned on her post, “and since it’s body positivity era and being real, I respect you kourtney and think you’re really beautiful, but isn’t it the time to stop the photoshopping? “

The first and most obvious issue is with Kourtney’s left leg. There’s clearly portions of her thigh missing, and the left leg seems disproportionately long compared to the right. Not only that, but Buzzfeed noted fans took issue with the look of her face in the photo, too. “I love you to the bones but I thought your face was just pasted on the photo,” one of her fans commented. And another added that her “head looks wired.”

This is far from the first time she’s allegedly edited her photos

The Kardashians are no strangers to criticism for their Instagram posts, so of course this isn’t Kourtney’s first run-in with bad editing. This photo on Kourtney’s Instagram page from 2017 also has some strange edits done around her armpit area — and fans were quick to notice. It seems the Kardashians have also been able to own up to their mistakes and make fun of their bad edits, too. Kourtney posted this funny (and horrifying) over-Photoshopped photo of her and Kim to poke a bit of fun at her family.

We’re sure Kourtney’s most recent edited photo won’t be her last — and perhaps we’ll get even more selfies as she continues to promote Poosh. Either way, her eagle-eyed fans are watching.

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